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Makeup and beauty junkie located in Melbourne with a Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services and Waxing Qualification.

It took me a long time to work out that makeup was my thing, probably because traditional makeup wasn't what really excited me, it was the SPFX side of things that got my blood pumping.

This blog started out as just my own little place that gave me an excuse to play with beauty products when I wasn't actually working, it also helped me discover a love for skincare which I think was always there but just hidden due to not having anyone to share my thoughts with.

Over the years my little blog has developed a following which I never really expected to happen but it turns out there are women out there (and even some men) who think I'm funny, don't mind a bit of swearing and ultimately like that I'm not afraid to say when something doesn't hit the mark

There seems to almost be a stigma of saying what you truly think of a beauty product that you disliked, Vloggers make 'Crap Products' videos and start out by saying "I'm sorry if you liked this and I'm not saying it's really crap but.." to prevent others from jumping all over them but at the end of the day when someone pays money for a product or service they are allowed to have an opinion of their own and not be ruled by the masses of the Beauty Mafia.

Real reviews are refreshing, when people read a blog or watch a vlogger and it feels as though a friend is talking candidly to them about the product whether the reviewer is speaking it's praises or explaining why they wish they hadn't wasted money on it, the reader or viewer can relate, every one has experienced great products and crap products and at the end of the day we review things to share the good and the bad while readers follow us to see these opinions and make their own judgement on where to spend their money.

These are the types of bloggers who's content I like to read and vloggers that I enjoy watching and this is the blogger that I will always aim to be.

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  1. i was confused when u said daiso and then valleygirl, didn't realise that there's a daiso in melbourne...

    1. There are quite a few now, they seem to be popping up all over the place!

  2. I've watched your videos and I love your honesty and you provide a lot of information too!