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Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel*

19 April 2017

Pain or discomfort? Yeah I hear you loud and clear. I sit a lot for work, I also stand a lot for work but it's not that nice combination of the two that allows your body time to rest certain areas while putting others to work and vice versa. It's hours and hours of being in the same position knowing that if I'm hurting now it's going to be worse when I get up but also knowing that this is the moment that I really need to suck it up because deadlines don't wait.

When Aromatherapy Associates sent me a media release for the new Aromatherapy Associates Muscle Gels I replied to express interest, I also basically begged for the De-Stress version because sometimes I just need all the help I can get.

The Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel is designed to ease discomfort in muscles and joints after physical activity or simply a long day of standing, sitting or doing repetitious low impact work that puts a strain on the body.

"Particularly effective for those who spend their days at a computer so, for instant relief, keep this in your drawer or on your desk.  It’s also an essential aid for those undertaking physical training and who suffer the stresses and strains of gardening and other demanding outdoor activities. Apply for immediate relief in 10 minutes."

Packaging is a simple squeeze tube with a flip top lid, the dispenser is small enough to allow you to squeeze out just a little bit of product if you are applying to small areas and also doesn't encourage waste of product.

The formula is a traditional gel, it holds it's shape when being squeezed out and doesn't ooze all over the place yet it starts to melt a little when you rub it in to your skin so a little goes a long way, it feels lovely and cooling on the skin but absorbs completely with no residue so you can dress quickly if applying after a shower or feel confident that it won't transfer on anything you come in contact with throughout the day, it also leaves the skin feeling soft, bonus!

I love to rub this in to my lower back, shoulders and arms when I'm doing marathon editing sessions and I notice I'm starting to slump my shoulders, my backside is going to sleep, or, worst of them all, my fingers are starting to get a tingly pain from all the repetitive movements with a mouse or typing.

The scent of the product is a nice mixture or lavender, rosemary and ginger, personally I'm not usually a fan of lavender heavy scents but this one doesn't bother me, the rosemary and ginger help to balance it out and add a little extra warmth, another bonus with the scent is that it doesn't smell medicinal so I'm not self conscious about being around people if I've used it.

If you deal with body aches and pains and you're looking for something that will help to ease your discomfort that won't leave you smelling like tiger balm with a greasy residue on your skin then I would highly recommend checking out the Aromatherapy Associated De-Stress Muscle Gel.

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Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel (150ml, $56.00AUD) is available at Aromatherapy Associates Australia online
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