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Too Faced - Christmas 2016 | Grande Hotel Cafe Palette

9 December 2016

Another Christmas another Too Faced Limited Edition Christmas Collection!

For live swatches and my thoughts on the palette you can check out my video review.

My picks from this years array of products were the Grande Hotel Cafe Palette & Merry Kissmas Liquified Lipstick Set (review here).

The Grande Hotel Cafe Palette is similar to their 2015 Le Grande Chateau Palette (review here) in layout and packaging, you have a little building style box that opens up to reveal 3 mini palettes and a deluxe sample size Better Than Sex Mascara.

This year the palettes are supposed to be scent themed, Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte & Gingerbread Cookie, on opening the palettes for the first time they all just smelled sweet with no real scent relating to their names except for Eggnog Latte which had a wonderful cinnamon scent, however after owning the palette for a couple of weeks it has lost the cinnamon scent and just smells sweet like the other two, it hasn't maintained that wonderful smell like the chocolate bar or sweet peach palettes have.

The colour themes of the palettes represents what you will find inside which helps you to work out which palette to grab without opening them all up to find the shade you want.

My issues with the palettes is primarily with shades and formula (no surprise there) I'll start with colour selection.

Each palette contains a white, off white or light cream and they are so similar in colour that it seems like overkill and a waste of potential. The matte colour option for those who like a matte crease or all over lid colour are pretty woeful, aside from the three very light white spectrum colours you have a matte pink, light brown, dark brown and horribly pigmented black so if you have hooded eyes and tend to only use matte shades in your crease the looks you can create will be quite limited.

These palettes also contain a glitter bomb formula, similar to the Urban Decay Moondust shadows in the fact that they have a base colour and a crap load of glitter, they lack in pigmentation and have horrible fall out, they need to be layered heavily for them to look pretty but then continue to fall on your face throughout the day, a super sticky glitter glue like base would be helpful holding them in place and if you can manage to keep them in place and apply them densely they do look super pretty, you're just going to have to put the work in.

All of the shades vary in pigmentation, some are great, some are rubbish, some swatch like a dream but apply horribly. All of the shades can be built up for nice colour intensity but a lot of them require work to get there, if you're willing to put that time in you will be able to create some beautiful looks.

The coloured face powders consist of pink blushes and a shimmery bronzer, they are a little powdery but not completely horrible, it's typical Too Faced Holiday stuff, if you've ever purchased any of their Christmas palettes, you will be familiar with it!

  • Ginger Cream - Matte, light cream shade, average pigmentation.
  • Maple Syrup - Matte, medium grey toned brown, good pigmentation.
  • Gingersnap - Metallic gold, applies badly with a brush.
  • Winter Dream - Lavender glitter bomb, messy to apply and doesn't go on well with a brush.
  • Cup of Joe - Dark grey toned brown with a matte base and gold micro glitter.
  • Black Coffee - Matte black with bad pigmentation
  • Gingerbread - Bronzer with a gold sheen.

  • Peppermint Cream - Matte white, good pigmentation.
  • Christmas Blend - Champagne pink, strange chunky formula with average pigmentation.
  • Peppermint Mocha - Satin, red toned medium brown, ok pigmentation.
  • Candy Cane - Matte baby pink, average pigmentation.
  • Sprinkles - Shimmery bright pink, average pigmentation.
  • Coffee Chip - Satin, grey toned dark brown, good pigmentation.
  • Santa Baby - Bright matte pink.

  • Frosty Nog - Matte off white, bad pigmentation.
  • Eggnog Latte - Light white-ish gold with a chunky, shimmery formula, average pigmentation.
  • Iced Coffee - Bronze satin, ok pigmentation.
  • Skinny Latte - Matte light brown, average pigmentation.
  • Cold Brew - Mid toned brown glitter bomb with silver, gold and pale lavender glitter, bad pigmentation.
  • Central Perk - Satin forest green, average pigmentation.
  • Peach Cobbler - Matte pink with a hint of coral, average pigmentation.

If you're the type of person who is happy to put extra time and effort in to working with shades to get nice colour depth then you won't have an issue with this palette, a lot of the shades can be made to look beautiful but if you just like to slap stuff on and go you may find that you're disappointed with the palette.

For me this palette is more of an 'ornamental treat', something that I purchased to keep on display and use occasionally, which is exactly what I have done with all of my Too Faced Holiday Palettes and personally I think there is nothing wrong with that, if makeup makes you happy then it's a lovely item to have in your personal space that you can admire for the pretty packaging and open up on the days when you have more time to work with the shades.

To see what I thought of the Too Faced Merry Kissmas Liquified Lipstick Set you can check out the post here.

What are your thoughts on the Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe Palette?

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