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Laura Mercier - Fall In Love Face Illuminator Palette

16 December 2016

Laura Mercier never lets the team down with their Christmas releases and this year was no exception, the item that made me throw my money at them was the Laura Mercier Fall In Love Face Illuminator Palette.

This four pan highlighting palette it comprised of a sturdy plastic with a leopard print finish and a mirror large enough to do a full face of makeup. It's light weight but feels sturdy and has a push button closure so I feel like this is one of the few highlighting palettes I own that I would be confident to travel with, however I would still wrap it in a weeks worth of clothing before putting it in my suitcase.

The four shades it contains are all minis of Laura Mercier's Face Illuminator collection so if you already own one or more you may be a little disappointed to see there aren't any new shades, however if you don't own any you now have the opportunity to own every shade in the range.

The value of the palette is pretty damn good, it sells for $65.00AUD and instead of paying $8.33 per gram of product with a full size face illuminator you are only paying $4.92 per gram of product, if we take in to consideration the usual price per gram then this palette contains $109.95 worth of product alone. Laura Mercier kicking goals in the season of giving.

If you're wondering whether the formula is what you will find in a full size compact you can rest assured that it is, Laura Mercier haven't cut any corners.

The formula of these highlighters offer a natural glow rather than a wet or metallic finish, they can certainly be built up for more intensity but if you take them too far they can look powdery so be careful not to push them too far.

Indiscretion - A gorgeous neutral light beige with tones of pink and yellow sparkle, the kind of thing you just want to rub all over your face and body.

Addiction - A pretty classic gold with the softest hint of lavender sparkle.

Devotion - Stunning cool, translucent pink with subtle hints of blue and purple sparkle, I'm dead for this shade!

Seduction - Rich warm copper, this will certainly be too dark for many people but I have found that it makes a nice body highlight now that I've developed a very slight tan, I'm planning on giving this a good go over summer as my tan develops.

While this palette won't suit everyone as a personal use item, if you're in the light to light/medium spectrum and are known to tan naturally or artificially, then you could very well get use out of all the shades throughout the span of a year. This would also fit really well in to a pro kit since there is a shade to suit all skin shades. This one get's a huge tick of approval.

The Laura Mercier Fall In Love face Illuminator Palette is currently only available in Sephora Australia stores (not online) and retails for $65.00AUD.

What do you think of the Laura Mercier Fall In Love Face Illuminator Palette?

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2 comments on "Laura Mercier - Fall In Love Face Illuminator Palette"
  1. Hi there, I bought Indiscretion full size ($50) when it first came out earlier this year. It’s lovely, but I don’t reach for it as often as I thought. The only other highlighters I’ve got are the Sleek Solstice (ZOMG, so good) and Mac Strobe Cream which I like to wear during winter. Side note: I’ve very interested in the new Mac Strobe Cream colour range…. are you? It looks great, especially the Redlite one. Anyhoo, really love your blog and especially the Beauty News. Hilaire. xxx

  2. I think I'll pass on this as I own Indiscretion and don't use it as often as I would like! I guess I prefer more intense highlighters than the "subtle" kind. However, thanks for suggesting to use the deep bronze highlighter for the body! One of the shades from the ABH Glow Kit is wayyy too dark on me but by using it as a body highlighter, it won't be neglected!

    Wendy xx