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29 November 2016

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some Japanese hair care and cleansing products and it was a no-brainer that I would say yes, I'm extremely interested in Japanese products and all you have to do is take one look at a Japanese woman and her glorious hair to want to know what what the secret is to shiny, soft, free flowing locks.

Since receiving these products a few weeks ago I haven't wanted to use anything else. The results have been borderline shocking for me (in the best possible way).

The Yuko Kokoro G Shampoo is designed for regular use on dry, sensitised and damaged hair, it's sulfate free and gentle on sensitive skin, it supplements the hair with protein, keratin, algae extract, collagen and Aqua Gold which is at the heart of all their hair care products, I've found it a little difficult to find exactly what this is because I believe it's a little bit of a brand secret but essentially it's created through a process that breaks down specific metals into nano-scopic particles dispersed in water, essentially creating a hydro-colloidal metal.

I don't know how good any of this really is for hair but in this case I simply don't care because the proof is in the pudding products. With just one use I noticed an improvement in my hair, it was softer, felt so much smoother and didn't tangle as much, with extended use I noticed that my hair continued to improve but also didn't deteriorate again when I had to trial other products which really surprised me.

The shampoo is clear and has a citrus scent, maybe grapefruit? For a sulfate free shampoo this foams like a boss! It breaks through oil so damn well, I often use oils as a pre-wash treatment since my hair is bleached to within an inch of it's life and getting those oils out can be a nightmare and totally defeat the purpose after I've had to shampoo my hair three times but with this shampoo I've only had to double cleanse once and that was when my hair was literally soaked in coconut oil. Another thing I LOVE about this shampoo is that my hair feels relatively soft once I rinse it out, it's not tangled or matted and I can actually run my fingers through it without too much trouble. This is unheard of in the history of my blonde hair!

The Yuko Kokoro G Treatment is designed to be used as a conditioner and claims to detangle, deeply moisturise while also softening, smoothing and making the hair stronger with sunflower seed, seaweed extracts, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, silk protein, keratin, anti-oxidants and Aqua Gold.

This conditioner doesn't have to be left in for 5-10 minutes or applied to damp clean hair and rinsed out 30 minutes later after it's been wrapped in a warm towel, you just put it in, leave it for however long you want and then rinse it out, it works so quickly and gives beautiful results, the hair is soft, smooth, free of tangles, after you've dried it you'll be rewarded with a silky soft mane that doesn't tangle easily and stays feeling hydrated for days.

Yuko Aqua G Water is a leave in hydrating product that you spritz in to damp hair before blowdrying, this one smells like the conditioner, kind of like nothing. This product claims to retain moisture in the hair and protect it from heat styling using gold micro particles and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that after using this with the shampoo and treatment I am converted, this is a Holy Grail trio for me.

G Hair Water has the consistency of water and soaks the hair very easily but doesn't add to drying time, it's weightless once it's dry and doesn't leave a residue that you can feel over the hair, so you get the benefits of hydrated and protected hair without any of the draw backs some heat protectants have.

While using this trio I have discovered that there is a better brand for me other than Kerastase (it's also much cheaper), I have also discovered that KhairPep works brilliantly with the Yuko Kokoro G Shampoo and the results I get from a single treatment are the same as I get with three treatments.

I highly recommend Yuko hair products to anyone, if you have dry or damaged hair go with the Kokoro G line, there is also an Anti-Frizz line for chemically treated hair, Colour-Lock for coloured hair, Cleansing for people with scalp irritations and a protein repairing spray. I will be repurchasing these products when they run out and have even whispered in my hairdressers ear about them, products like this excite me, I have seen the world of hair care (in salon and at home) change dramatically over the years and products like this get me pumped for the future of hair health.

Yuko Kokoro G Shampoo retails for $38.95
Yuko Kokoro G Treatment retails for $38.95
Yuko Aqua G Water retails for $38.95

To find out more or purchase Yuko hair products you can check out their web page

What are your all time favourite hair products?

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