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Kat Von D - Serpentina Palette Review & Swatches

26 November 2016

It's so easy to get caught up in the hype of new palettes and all the pretty colours, one of Kat Von D's newest releases, the Serpentina palette, got me good, I saw it available online and BAM! Money gone.

The Kat Von D Serpentina Palette retails for $64AUD at Sephora and contains 8 traditional eyeshadows and a loose pigment. The packaging is a little bulky and awkward due to the fact that there is a loose pigment in the palette. The mirror can be difficult to use, I find due to the weight and length of the palette it's hard to hold it still while looking in to the mirror, also it's not the ideal size for doing a full face of makeup.

The shades are predominantly jewel toned, at each end of the palette are matte shades while the other 6 are metallics. Formula wise the metallics are mostly what you would expect, rich in pigment and soft in texture, they pick up with a brush well, apply to the lid nicely and blend easily, fallout is a big issue though, I highly recommend doing eyes first or protecting your base because the fallout does not wipe away clean, you will have colorful shimmery streaks on your face.

The mattes leave a lot to be desired, they feel very dry in the pan and don't have a lot of colour payoff when applied with a brush, they don't allow for a soft wash of colour, they have to be built up to prevent them looking patchy. Bloodmilk swatches and generally performs better than Venom but I personally think these mattes let the team down.

The loose pigment, Prophet, is finely milled and just a straight up old gold colour with a slight olive tint to it, it applies exactly like other loose pigments, it can be messy, doesn't have a lot of colour pay off with a brush unless applied wet and gives a nice finish when applied with your finger (buy you lose application precision). I have absolutely no idea why they felt the need to put this in the palette as a loose pigment, it could easily have been a pressed eyeshadow and would have prevented the palette from being so strangely bulky and long.

Prophet - Loose pigment formula, metallic finish, gold with a hint of olive (old gold), good pigmentation when applied with finger or wet.

Venom - Mid toned matte purple, feels quite dry in the pan, pigmentation not great, requires a lot of building.

Scarab - Intensely rich metallic forest green, very soft formula which picks up easily but can result in serious fallout.

Nile - Classic metallic blue, ok pigmentation.

Hieroglyph - Beautiful rich metallic orange, great pigmentation.

Queen - Rich metallic raspberry red, great pigmentation

Ankh - Rich matte black with gold micro shimmer, when applied heavily some of the shimmer can be seen but if it's blended in the crease it just appears as a matte black

Medua - Metallic dirty gold/taupe gold shade, definitely the closest thing to a neutral in the palette

Bloodmilk - Matte red, swatches fairly well when you get deep in to the pan but applies a little washed out, requires building for an even finish and decent colour intensity.

While the palette is pretty to look at I feel like that's mostly what it's good for. The mattes aren't great and limit the types of looks you can create, the metallics are nothing special at all, I think the only shade that is remotely interesting is Hieroglyph, the others a bit 'dime-a-dozen', if you have a large palette collection you likely have shades that could be considered dupes. The loose pigment is a complete mystery to me, I have no idea why they bothered putting it in there, just press it, save on packaging and encourage people to use it wet.

If you are a major Kat Von D fan, want a bright palette for your collection and these shades inspire you then there is no reason not to buy it, just know that the shades require a little extra work like protecting from fallout and building up those mattes. If you're confident with eyeshadow you won't have any issues making this palette work.

What are your thoughts on the Kat Von D Serpentina Palette?

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