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Favourites & Fails - October 2016

8 November 2016

I'm trying to be a good little blogger and bring back the monthly favourites posts. Let's see how long this lasts *scoff*.

Starting off with hair, body and skincare favourites...

Neutrogena Deep Clean Micellar Gel to Foam Cleanser in Normal to Oily Skin & Dry Skin
This is exactly what it sounds like, a gel that dissolves makeup like a micellar water and then foams up and washes away like a face wash. You apply it to dry skin over a face of makeup and massage in to break down the makeup, after adding a little water it will foam slightly and then you simply rinse. It doesn't remove all makeup perfectly so a secondary cleanse is required but this is the case with most makeup removers. As a secondary cleanser it foams just like a normal gel face wash would and leaves you clean without being stripped. 

Yuko Kokoro G Shampoo & Treatment for Dry, Sensitized and Damaged Hair*
This one was provided for review purposes and I expected it to be nice since I've never been disappointed by Japanese hair care products but this just blew me right out of the water! The shampoo is sulfate free but gives a gorgeous rich lather, breaks through oils (scalp produced and treatment style) with zero difficulty and leaves the hair soft enough that it almost feels like it's been conditioned. The Treatment (conditioner) is super rich and doesn't take 10-15 minutes to work like most hair 'treatments', simply smooth it over your lenghts and ends, leave it in for as long as you please and rinse, the results are never disappointing, I've left it in for a minute and I've left it in for ten, I do feel a longer time frame is better but even when I'm in a rush I'm super happy with the results. This has kicked Kerastase out of it's Holy Grail position and is life changing!

Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion*
I was sent a few Weleda products to review that were aimed at treating skin that was prone to eczema and while I really enjoyed them all, this one stood out as a super favourite. This body lotion hydrates and leaves a slight residue to give prolonged relief of symptoms but isn't overly greasy so I can still go about with my day easily (I predominantly use this on my hands and feet). I've been loving that this has a neutral scent created only by the ingredients, makes my skin feel nice and most importantly, has been making it look so much nicer in preparation for Summer!

And now for the best bit.. Makeup Favourites!

Ciate x Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun & Fearless Palette + Liquid Velvet in Pin Up + Wonderwand Mascara
This palette hasn't received the best reviews but I have really been loving it, it definitely has it's flaw which I discuss in my review (coming soon) but the colour selection is spot on, I also really don't mind the formula, I know a lot of people say the metallics have bad pigmentation and I have experienced first hand where they are coming from but with the right brush I've found they works beautifully for me. No, Chloe Morello doesn't know who the fuck I am and I hardly know who the fuck she is, I just really like this palette.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
This is another one I have a review coming on, it's by no means perfect but the finish, comfort and coverage of this foundation are borderline perfect for me, I don't think it's long wearing by any means but I can look beyond that because it hits the mark in so many other places. I'm hoping Urban Decay will hear the song of our oily skinned people and create a formulation that actually stand up to oil production.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate 15th Anniversary Lipsticks*
Oh jeeze, another one that I'm in the middle of reviewing. Not only are these lipsticks stunning to look at but thewir formula is just as nice, super pigmented, rich, smooth, and not drying! They stain the lips, dry down just a little (not matte) and wear away like a dream, these are lipsticks that don't need to be babysat throughout the day. Find one of the three nudes or three reds in the range and you'll have yourself an everyday lipstick that is so easy to wear you will find yourself reaching for it constantly!

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips
So my first ever Colourpop haul happened and it's taking me a while to get through trying everything but so far the Ultra Satin Lips have been the standout product for me, they have a matte finish but are comfortable to wear, you do have to accept the fact that they will transfer but I'm happy to deal with that because my lips don't feel like they are shrivelling up and falling off and they wear away nicely without flaking. Looking forward to increasing my collection!

And now for a little transition in to favourites AND fails..

Too Face Melted Matte Lipsticks in Queen B & Drop Dead Red
The winner from this particular range is Queen B, the shade is stunning, it's comfortable to wear, it's not super drying and it fades nicely, it's an easy to wear matte liquid lipstick that doesn't need to be micro managed throughout the day. Drop Dead Red on the other hand will wear off in patches while you talk, I don't even want to know how it holds up to eating or drinking. Total fail.

Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge & Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge
The Mini Miracle Eraser should just be called The Miracle Concealer Sponge because that is what it's best at and I adore it! Every concealer wearer should have this in their beauty tool shed. The Sculpting Sponge however just doesn't work for me, I find it's difficult to get a precise application and it's also difficult to blend out a contour, it's ok for highlight and works quite well for liquid bronzing though.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight
I had hype for these but the formula is weird, the silicone base evaporates super quickly and it's really difficult to blend out the drops without some vigorous rubbing. Mixing it with another medium may help but if I'm buying something like this I'm buying it because I want an intense highlight, not to make my other face products shimmery. Usable but I would purchase more shades in the future.

What were your October beauty favourites and fails???

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..
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