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Pan That Palette 2016 - Update #6

10 October 2016

It's pan that palette update time! September saw a lot of progress on one pan and almost zero on another.

Let's get the exciting bit out of the way, I hit a lot of pan on the Estee Lauder palette in September, 6 new pans in total!

My goals for the Estee Lauder palette in September were:
  • Hit pan on Ivory Slipper (top left corner)
  • Hit pan on Polished Platinum (top right corner)
  • Work a dip/hit pan on Safari Green (bottom row, third from the right)
  • Work away a corner of Hot Cinnamon (second row, second from left)
  • Hit pan on Peacock Blue (middle row, third from the left)
The only goal I didn't reach was hitting pan on Safari Green, it's really densely packed so my brush doesn't pick up much product when I use it, to make up for the failure I hit pan on Tranquil Moon (top row, third from the left), Enchanted Forest (middle row, far left) and Amethyst Spark (middle row, second from the right).
My goals for the Estee Lauder palette are to hit pan on the 6 shades that don't currently have pan.

I didn't do so well on the Zpalette but in saying that I didn't really bother trying, I just focused on the Estee Lauder palette, I plan on doing the same for October, I just want to focus on trying to finish a whole palette by the end of the year and I think the Estee Lauder one is the more realistic goal at this point.

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