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1000 Hour - Day to Night Lash Packs | Daring Twist | Exotic Black*

30 October 2016
1000 Hour's newest releases are the Day to Night Lash Sets, each pack contains two sets of lashes, one designed for day use and one designed for night use, giving you the option to swap your lashes to go from work appropriate to night-out-ready in just a few minutes, I thought the idea was fantastic so when I was asked if I'd like to review them I happily accepted.

When I received these lashes I felt like I didn't want to do a straight up boring review, I wanted to showcase the lashes and to do that I knew I had to create looks to go along with the lashes, so that's exactly what I set out to do and while the review is two months later than I wanted it to be it's finally done! So if you'd like to see the different looks I put together to compliment the lashes, check out the video below.

Each pack retails for $15.99 and contain two sets of lashes and a small bottle of lash glue, the lashes are typical 1000 Hour quality, they have a thick band which I personally prefer, the extra surface area gives me confidence that the lashes aren't going to lift throughout the day/night.

The Daring Twist set features a pair of wispy demi lashes and a pair of thick wispy lashes, for me the bands are very long and since I have small eyes I trim down the full bar night set, whereas the demi lashes in this set are almost a full bar set for me.

The day set add a gorgeous feminine lifting effect to the eye and offer length without being overly dramatic while the night set offer intensity and add a lot of drama to a look, with this set you literally can transform your look from day to night simply by changing your lashes!

The Exotic Black set also contain a pair of demi lashes, these being a little shorter in the band that the Daring Twist set and a full bar set in the same style but with added length and density of lashes.

The demi set are absolutely perfect day lashes, they blend in to the natural lashes well and give the appearance of thicker, healthier lashes with a little extra length on the outer corners which helps to lift the eye and make you look fresh.

The night set offer the same effect but in a more pronounced way, making the whole lash line look thicker, longer and more intense, again a great set to help you go from day to night!

Finally the little lash glue bottles are the best! Latex free adhesive, super sticky and super long lasting, it's even waterproof if you feel like taking a dip!

The 1000 Hour Day to Night Lash Packs retail for $15.99 a pack and are available at Priceline (currently not stocked online), Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Hairhouse Warehouse and online at

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3 comments on "1000 Hour - Day to Night Lash Packs | Daring Twist | Exotic Black*"
  1. I've never mucked around with false lashes (why do it when I already have a great set of lashes?), but these sets make me want to give them a go!

  2. I know this is most likely a really dumb question, but is the 1000 hr. an all total wear time or are they to last for 1000 hours. As in you don't need to take them off. Like at home lash extensions but not really. I am guessing that they are really durable? Anyway, I loved your accompanying eye looks, I watched the entire video and picked up some nice tips! Still a little confused but just got back from a flight from Minneapolis, MN USA and am very jet lagged. I missed you & Kat while I was there. It was a very busy trip. Thanks for sharing=)

    1. Hi m.s. mary! The name 1000 Hour comes from many of the products giving results that last that long but in the case of their false lashes they are not made to be worn on a semi-permanent basis, they are the type you apply and remove before bed or when you're finished with your makeup at the end of the day :)