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Pan That Palette 2016 - Update #4

3 August 2016

I feel like I've reached the point with both of my palettes where I'm making significant progress, I can see shades that are developing dips and pan is fairly easy to hit when I choose shades to work on, some pans I have yet to touch but for the most part I'm really inspired by what I see when I open the palettes, kind of like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Starting with my Z Palette; I managed to finish one of the shades on the far right of the palette, this held Inglot pigment in #82. I hit major pan on the plum shade towards the bottom right of the palette and I managed to work towards one of the edges of the pan of the sugar baby shadow (above and left of the plum shade)

In my Estee Lauder Palette I hit pan on Tranquil Moon (top row, third from the left)

Below are side by side progress shots of each palette

With this update I have decided to introduce some goals, something to aim for by the next update!

Z Palette Goals:

  • Work away more of the edge of the Sugar Baby shade
  • Hit pan on the gold shade in the bottom right hand corner
  • Hit pan on the bright blue (I'm reaching here hahah)
Estee Lauder Palette Goals:
  • Hit pan on Smoky Ember (top row, third from the right)
  • Work away a corner of Hot Cinnamon (second row, second from left)
  • Work away a corner of Wild Sable (bottom left corner)
  • Hit pan on Provocative Plum (bottom right corner)
I'll be back in a month (hopefully with goals reached) for another update!

Wish me luck, I might need it!

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