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Chi Chi - Highlighting & Contouring Palette

11 August 2016

Chi Chi has recently released a Highlighting & Contouring Palette and I gotta say, I was hyped to try this.

This palette contains 8 pans with a whopping 33g of product. Chi Chi put their own spin on this palette by making two very large pans of what could be considered the most universal shades in the palette, in saying that this palette isn't actually going to suit everyone, if you're on the very fair or quite dark ends of the spectrum then sadly this may not quite suit your skin tone, here's to hoping Chi Chi find this to be a good seller and decide to expand on the colour range.

The palette is made up of a hard cardboard with a magnetic closure lid, you won't find as mirror inside but instead some directions and suggestions on how to use the powders.

The formula of these powders is quite good, the contours blend beautifully and have great pigmentation, the highlight shades vary just a little though. They wear well throughout the day and are easy to apply.

Four of the shades in the palette are highlighting shades, one of them is your traditional shimmery, light reflecting highlight while the other 3 are matte and can be mixed and matched to create your perfect shade or even used to set your whole face depending on your colouring.

The shimmery highlight is really pretty, it has a soft pink base with a pearlised silver glow, it can be layered for extra intensity but it will show up skin texture issues if you go too heavy.

The matte highlight shades are numbered 2, 3 & 4. shade 2 is a yellow based powder, shade 3 is straight up banana powder and shade 4 is a pink based powder. I can use 2 & 4 to set my foundation but #4 is particularly good under the eyes because the pink helps to brighten.

My only issue with the matte highlight shades is that they are super densely packed in to the pans and can be difficult to pick up with a brush.

The other four shades are contouring colours, you can use some to bronze but again this will depend on your colouring.

Shade 6 is a contour only colour, it has a super ashy undertone so if you try to bronze with it you're going to look like you have indents in your head where there shouldn't be (possibly great for Halloween though!)

Shades 5, 7 and 8 can all be used to bronze (and perhaps contour) but what you use will depend on your colouring.

For me, someone with yellow undertones who is fair in winter but tans quite deep in summer, I would be able to use this palette all year round, however, I know this won't be the case for everyone so I highly recommend swatching before you purchase if you aren't too confident with guessing if it'll be right for you or not

Personally I quite like the palette, it's good value for money and while I don't think it's perfect I do really like the darker shades and shimmery highlight in the palette, the matte highlight/setting powders are nice, I simply find I spend a lot of time trying to get enough on my brush but they are in no means bad quality.

The Chi chi Highlighting & Contouring Palette retails for $24.95, currently you can purchase it online at and find it in store at Myer and Target.

Have you tried the Chi Chi Highlighting & Contouring Palette or any other Chi Chi products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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