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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Moon Child Glow Kit

10 August 2016

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits have been hard for me to resist, I was confident I'd love them, they are gorgeous to look at and I love a multitude of highlight options throughout the year but if I was to buy one, I knew I would need to buy them all.

When I saw sneak peek photos of the ABH Moonchild Glow Kit I knew I would buy it, it was different in appearance to the other Glow Kits so I felt like I could buy this one and not need to 'finish my collection'.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit contains 6 highlighting shades weighing 4.2 grams each, totalling a whopping 25.2 grams of highlighting goodness in the palette.

The packaging is made up of hard cardboard and has a strong magnetic closure. Visually it's gorgeous, starting with a soft grey blue, it fades in to white and has an iridescent finish. The palette doesn't come with a mirror.

 Shades you'll find in the palette are:

Blue Ice - Subtle, translucent shimmer with a blue iridescent shift.

Star - Metallic silver

Purple Horseshoe - Purple base with a blue reflect

Pink Heart - Subtle, translucent shimmer with a punk iridescent shift

Lucky Clover - Subtle, translucent shimmer with a green iridescent shift

Blue Moon - Icy blue with a silver reflect

There are two types of highlights in this palette, your traditional base colour and light reflective finish (Star, Purple Horseshoe & Blue Moon) and then there are the iridescent shades with no base colour that add a super subtle sheen to the skin but give a colour explosion when the light reflects off them (Blue Ice, Pink Heart & Lucky Clover).

The traditional highlights in the palette basically swatch as they look in the palette, however the iridescent shades start to show their colour once they are applied to the skin heavily.

When the shades are blended out we see their true potential, the iridescents are absolutely stunning but you also start to see the flaws with some of the shades.

In the photo above you will see a perfect example of how the iridescent shades perform when looking at pink heart. The swatch is quite large (as big as the others) but due to the curvature of my arm and the direction of light the colour only pops at the peak where the light is catching the highlight, where the light isn't directly hitting the highlight you only see a very subtle lightness to the skin.

Something else you may have noticed with the blended swatches is that there are similar shades in this palette. Blue Ice and Purple Horseshoe look almost identical when they are blended out, you only notice the difference when you are applying the highlight very heavily.

While we are on the subject of applying these heavily I will let you know that they do layer well but they will accentuate skin texture issues if you have them so using Purple Horseshoe heavily on the cheekbones can be quite difficult and frankly look pretty shit.

Two other shades that are basically the same are Star and Blue Moon, when applied lightly they both look silver, if you build up Blue Moon to bring out the blue tint it makes me look like I was recently punched in the face and I have a fresh bruise developing.

Personally I would have liked to see all the shades in this palette with the iridescent finish, the palette could easily have accommodated a yellow, orange or red. Star and Blue Moon are simply run-of-the-mill silver and Purple Horseshoe has so much blue in it that you would need an eagle eye to be able to differentiate between it and Blue Ice.

The iridescent shades in this palette are stunning (turns out having a green shift on my face is totally something I can get behind) and if wearing pops of colour is your thing you will likely love them too.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit is currently only available online from Anastasia Beverly Hills (they ship to Australia) but should be making it's way to Australian shores soon.

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