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QV Skincare - Body Cleansers & Moisturisers Overview*

27 July 2016

I was recently invited to an event for QV Skincare to announce their Brand Ambassador, Kate Ritchie.

While enjoying a delicious breakfast we were educated by Dr. Hope Dinh from Hope Dermatology (website) in South Melbourne about the importance of ensuring our skincare routine is suited to our particular skin type, concerns and needs.

One of Dr. Dinh's main points was to use products 'that assist the skin to retain moisture and suit the needs of the individual, even if the skin doesn't feel dry or itchy it may not be performing at its best' Dr. Dinh followed up by saying 'Good skincare doesn't need to be expensive or complicated'.

For me personally I enjoy an intricate face care routine, I love to play with new products, I enjoy swapping out serums for oils when the seasons change but when it comes to the skin on my body I'm pretty much a wash and moisturise kind of girl, regardless of the time of year I use the same sort of thing and I definitely notice that the skin on my body doesn't always respond well to my routine.

With winter here in Melbourne the skin on my body is having a hard time, it's often dry and itchy so I use heavy creams to hydrate it but then I have issues with the creams being too heavy and causing breakouts on my shoulders or back so after finding a bunch of body products in the goody bag provided for us at the event I have put them to the test and here to report my findings.

All of the products listed here contain glycerine which is a fantastic humectant which attracts water and holds it in the skin, effectively hydrating and maintaining hydration in the skin.

QV Skin Lotion - A light moisturiser, ideal for preventing and soothing dry skin with 5% glycerin.
This cream has a medium viscosity and smooths over the skin easily, it doesn't take too long to absorb but leaves a slight film on the skin due to the glycerine, the film it leaves isn't sticky or slick so getting dressed after applying it it's a problem but you still have the benefit of extended hydration, have been loving this as a daily moisturiser.

QV Cream - Highly concentrated, replenishes and relieves dry areas, 10% glycerin.
This is the thicker cream of the two but also has good slip so it smooths over the skin easily without having to put in a lot of effort to disperse it properly. It also leaves a film but again, it's not sticky or slick. I've been using this after showing for deep hydration and also reapplying daily to my elbows and knees for extra hydration in those areas since they are particularly dry at this time of year.

QV Wash - Formulated for dry and tight skin. Soap free, lightly foaming and moisturising. 10% Glycerin.
This has a lovely soft foam that helps the skin to feel clean but also doesn't leave you with a tight uncomfortable feeling after getting out of the shower.

QV Gentle Wash - Formulated for dry and tight skin. Soap free, maintains hydration during cleansing. 15% Glycerin.
I didn't expect this cleanser to foam so when I first used it I was blown away by the soft little bubbles that built up on my skin, it might seem silly but for me I love a good foam when I'm cleaning my body, this not only left me feeling clean but I left the shower feeling comfortable and not rushing for a moisturiser.

QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser - Formulated for extremely dry skin. Soap free, enriched with moisturisers, leaves a protective film on the skin. 60% Glycerin. 
This really surprised me, it has a really luxurious feeling low foam that I adore but totally wasn't expecting, I started using this to clean my feet since I have dyshidrotic eczema and if I'm not careful to use a gentle cleanser it can cause my skin to be quite uncomfortable. With my most recent showers I find myself reaching for this as an all over body wash, it leaves my skin feeling clean but also soft and hydrated, the description mentions it leaves a protective film on the skin but I don't even notice it which is awesome as I'm really not a fan or feeling greasy or oily after washing my body.

My mum recently had a reaction to some medication which left her with dry, flaky skin which she said felt prickly and a little bit like her skin was burnt, I instructed her to use QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser along with the QV cream but after she got out of the shower she was yelling at me how her skin already felt better and the prickling sensation and burning wasn't as severe. The Intensive Moisturising Cleanser and QV Cream helped her to manage her discomfort while her skin recovered from the reaction.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..
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