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Too Faced - Sweet Peach Palette | Review & Swatches

31 May 2016

So the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette has finally hit Australian shores and, of course, I picked one up to add to the collection.


The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette retails for $72AUD (originally quoted at $78AUD but our dollar picked up a little and Mecca dropped their prices). The palette sells on and also in Mecca Maxima stores but it looks to be sold out near and far. The Sweet Peach palette was originally marketed as a limited edition palette but co-founder of Too Faced, Jerrod Blandino, has since stated that this palette will make a come back. No word on whether it will be permanent or not (likely will be) but I did hear that a Christmas 2016 re-release is possible.

This particular palette tips it's hat to old school Too Faced palettes by sticking with the tin packaging and magnetic closure but appears to be moving in a different direction to the Chocolate Bar palettes, omitting the two large pans and replacing them with two small pans each, resulting in a well balanced 18 pan palette.

This particular palette also smells of peaches and it is obvious before it even comes out of the packaging, offering a soft sweetness that is unmistakably peachy. The scent however doesn't smell like an actual peach, it's more perfume-y in nature with a hint of floral, I find it quite pleasant and the one thing about this palette that I adore.

Before I get on to the shadows I just want to say it wouldn't be a Too Faced Palette without a look leaflet.. But I wish they would just leave these out, I feel obligated to hold on to them because I own the palette and always keep the original packaging. They annoy the shit out of me.

Looking at the shades it screams earthy tones to me and I always tried to ignore this, looking at photos of it while waiting for it's arrival in Australia I would push the fact that this was very brown, natural and Autumn looking deep down in to the depths of my brain and refuse to believe that a peach palette would appear to be lacking so much peach.

But lacking peach it is. Brown it is. Earthy it is. Don't try to kid yourself, accept it and perhaps you won't be as disappointed as I was.

Shades in the first row. L-R

White Peach - Matte white, swatched twice to show pigmentation, not all that impressive.

Luscious - Looks quite taupe in the pan but swatches with a hint of pink, nice formula and pigmentation.

Just Peachy - Blush pink with a gold sheen, absolutely gorgeous but pigmentation is rubbish and I had to swatch it twice just for that small amount of pay off.

Bless Her Heart - Dirty green, pigmentation is ok.

Tempting - Black with a gold reflect, great formula and pigmentation, can stain the skin though.

Charmed I'm Sure - Another matte with not super impressive pigmentation, it does build well though.

Nectar - Shimmery yellow, looks better as a highlight than it does on the eyes.

Cobbler - Golden bronze with nice pigmentation and a slight rosy tint.

Candied Peach - Bright matte peach with fluorescent pink glitter, rubbish pigmentation, swatched multiple times to show the shade properly.

Bellini - Gorgeous dusty rose with a soft gold shift, swatches well but doesn't translate as nicely on the eyes.

Peach Pit - Blackened plum, pigmentation is quite nice but plum tones don't translate as nicely on the eyes.

Delectable - Matte dark purple, swatched twice to show colour since pigmentation is quite bad but can be built up on the eyes fairly easy.

Peaches & Cream - Matte cream with a hint of orange that helps it to lean towards the peach spectrum, decent pigmentation.

Georgia - Looks ever so slightly greige in the palette but swatches more on the pink side, rubbish pigmentation, had to swatch multiple times.

Caramelized - Beautiful golden bronze with great pigmentation.

Puree - Mid toned matte brown, pigmentation is quite nice.

Summer Yum - This is a bit like a brick red, pigmentation is pretty crap but it does build.

Talk Derby To Me - Looks like a blackened purple in the pan but swatches more like a matte black with bright pinky purple glitter. Pigmentation is rubbish.

I was hoping for something different with this palette but after playing with the shades it's typical Too Faced Chocolate Bar style. If I looked at these swatches without knowing what palette it came from I would confidently guess Too Faced because the formulas, tones and shades are just so typical.

If you absolutely adore Too Faced Chocolate Bar/Bon Bons palettes then you will probably love this but if you consider them just ok then expect to feel the same way about this. They haven't reinvented the wheel, they are just pumping out the same thing with a different scent.

Did you purchase the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I have an eBay one Hayley, and I think that it is better than the original and I paid $15.99 thank god. What do you think about the Natural Eyes Matte from Too Faced?