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KhairPep Transforme - Masque & Serum Review*

24 May 2016

Got damaged hair? This review is for you.

KhairPep Transforme is a new hair treatment that promises not only to repair the hair but to have a permanent effect. It is suitable for people with bleach or colour damages, heat damage and those who chemically alter their hair.

The story starts with Professor Artur Cavaco-Paulo who was working on preserving tapestries, he developed a long chain peptide that was able to penetrate into the cortex of the tapestry fibres and rebuild them from the inside. In 2006 Professor Cavaco-Paulo discovered that 23 amino acids could penetrate human hair and he went on to formulate the K18 Peptide which KhairPep is based around, this peptide can penetrate and permanently remain in the cortex of human hair, effectively making it a permanent solution to hair damage.

"The KhairPep formula shuttles proteins into the hair. The proteins recognise and interact with hair lipids, increasing the penetration. Once inside the hair the unique amino acid chain bonds with the hair protein replacing the broken bonds and like a nail between two junction, re-attaches the hair fibre adding strength and elasticity"

The product claims to:
  • Strengthen damaged hair
  • Increase hair elasticity
  • Make hair more manageable and shiny
  • Works in 2-4 applications
  • Will not rinse out next time you shampoo
After having one application done at the event I was sent home with strict instructions to use the product over my next three washes.

KhairPep Tranforme Serum is designed for fine hair, it's lightweight so it will help to body while the Masque is aimed at thicker hair or those with more severe damage.

Typically the products are used together, with the serum going in the roots of the hair and the masque being applied to the lengths and ends.

The products are applied to hair that has been shampooed but not conditioned and towel dried. I use 4 pumps of the serum in my roots, being sure to spray it evenly over the hair, I then use about a 5 cent piece amount of the masque, concentrating on the ends first and moving excess product through my lengths. The product should then sit for 4 minutes before you apply your preferred styling products and style as usual.

I tested this product out without using any other styling products because I wanted to know what it could do on it's own, I found after my second wash I was noticing a huge improvement of my hair and by the time my fourth treatment was complete I was blown away by how nice my hair felt, it wasn't snapping off when I brushed it, it was shiny, soft and manageable. It didn't look frizzy or dry and it no longer tangled in to knots that were difficult to brush out. My hair was healthy enough to use a curler or straightener on and they were right, after washing my hair and not using the treatment it still felt and looked beautiful.

It is recommended that follow up treatments are done every 3-4 washes to maintain the health of the hair and deal with external stresses like heat styling. 

KhairPep is a salon professional product so typically you would purchase the take home treatment from a hairdresser, I would recommend having the treatment done in a salon at least once to learn how to use it properly, if too much product is used your results aren't going to be quite as nice and you will be wasting expensive product.

If you're based in Melbourne the following salons provide the KhairPep treatment:

85A Chapel Street WINDSOR
03 9510 1502

231 Glen Huntly Road ELSTERNWICK
03 9523 5525

2/171 Greville Street PRAHRAN
03 9533 2577

If you aren't based in Melbourne but are interested in finding a local salon, head over to Luxury Beauty Concepts and shoot them a message, they will let you know your nearest salon or sell you the product direct if there are no salons local to you.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..
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