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Project Pan 2016 - Round 2 | Update #1

9 April 2016

Another month down and a few more makeup empties to show!

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Foundation - Horrible. Revolting. Somehow light but heavy feeling, kind of like it's suffocating my skin or something. It broke down and became a chunky mess after just a couple of hours and I'm ashamed to say that I endured through the 3/4 - 1/2 a bottle that I started this project with. This was shit enough to make me never want to even think about trying a Bare Minerals foundation again.

Revlon Age Defying DNA Concealer - I liked this (really liked it!) but it was too dark for me, I actually managed to use about 90% of the tube this year while I was tanned but after putting it in this project I noticed it was again looking too dark so I'm glad to see this one gone but if I ever saw one on clearance in the light shade I would buy it without hesitation!

Revlon Lipstick in Petal - This was surprisingly easy to finish up, lip products are my nemesis but I got along fine and dandy with this one. The shade is discontinued but I wouldn't repurchase regardless since the colour was shimmery but if I disregard that and think only of the formula it get's a thumbs up!

Before I move on to the other products in the project I have to warn you, there will be lots of complaining. I did a really bad job of choosing my products this time around.

Boe Beauty Pressed Compact Powder - This one is easy peasy, I find pressed powders are fairly easy to work through and they rarely take me more than three months from start to finish. The powder it's self is quite nice too, very affordable, gives a little extra coverage and works nicely not only in real life but also on camera.

Boe Professional Bronzer Duo in Glamazon - I should have tested this out more before before trying to commit to it for three months. The shades are just too shimmery for me, I like to use the darker one as a contour but it reflects too much light which defeats the purpose and it looks a little odd, it's also too dark to use as a bronzer. The lighter shade I would use as a bronzer but it also reflects a lot of light and almost looks frosty which looks really strange when I'm out in the full light of day or sitting under filming lights. This product just doesn't work for me. I've had a play with it as shadows and for that they are awesome, but you've all seen my Pan That Palette project, it's hard for me to get much use out of them.

Beauty Blender Rea.Activate - This product is one of the most stupid I have ever encountered. It's a dual phase beauty blender hydrater that can also be used as a setting spray. I tried to finish my first bottle using it as a setting spray, the oil in it would spray out in large droplets and leave me with little splotches of wet looking stuff on my foundation.
I then tried to use it to rehydrate my BB while doing my makeup, it has a tendency to dry out a little during the time it takes me to get to my concealing step after doing my foundation so I replaced my can of Avene Eau Thermale with this. First up I noticed that my concealer wasn't blending properly, the oil in it was breaking down my makeup regardless of what foundation I used (and yes, foundation and oil will mix if the correct type is used and it looks amazing). The next thing I noticed was that HOURS later my beauty blender would be dehydrated and shrunk except where the Rea.Activate had been sprayed, so the top would be a swollen ball and the bottom a little shrunken nugget, the center would be kind of shrunken but have little bobbly weird bits where overspray had landed. It was fucking weird and I hate it.
Also why does it contain lavender oil? WHY?

Armani Code - Little bit tired of this but that's exactly why I put it in there, I like it enough to want to finish it up and not waste it but I don't feel the need to savour it like I use to, my progress is minimal but I'm working on perfume samples at the same time.

Olay Regenerist 30 Second Wrinkle Filler - This product was a mistake. Why did I even hope it would do anything beneficial? It's rubbish. I have better things to play with.

The Yeon Style Y Cream Cheek and Lip Tint in Smoothie Pink - I've only been using this on 'no makeup' days, it doesn't sit so nicely over my foundation when I've powdered (not surprising) and I'm not willing to change my routine to fit it in before I powder (because I like my normal routine). This does, however, get a work out when I'm not doing a full face and just want a soft, natural flush of colour on the cheeks.

Rimmel Apocalips - Of all the products in this project I honestly thought this would be the one that I'd regret most. Turns out I have come to really like this. Go figure.

Designer Brands Extend a Brow - Happy with my progress on this one, it's likely going to take me until the end of the project to finish but I'm ok with that!

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara - Ok, the name of this is spot on. You really can sculpt your brows with this formula due to the way it sets, so if you have little unruly hairs they will be no match for this stuff. It's just a shame that the applicator is fucking stupid.

So unless you're this guy I really wouldn't recommend it.

Lime Lily eye Pencil in Jet - I don't even like black eye pencils.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lip Liner in Manhattan - Gorgeous Cosmetics make fantastic lip pencils but I'm not digging this colour just yet, I'm still in love with nudes and haven't quite worked myself up to darker lips for the colder months. I will not be upset if I continue to make the same amount of progress throughout the rest of the project and it goes back in to my stash.

Estee Lauder Venetian Rose - Discontinued and sad about it, gorgeous colour, gorgeous formula. Getting old so I'm going to show it the love it deserves and finish it up. I really don't think this one will be too difficult since I used it sparingly since the intro yet made some good progress.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..
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