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Rimmel - Super Gel Nail Colour*

16 February 2016
I was offered the opportunity to try the Rimmel Super Gel set and after the trying the Sally Hansen version (review) I was keen to see if this was any better.

So this is basically the same deal as the Sally Hansen duo, you get a colour and a top coat, Rimmel don't mention using a base coat but they don't say that its not necessary either. I tried the polishes without a base coat for testing purposes.

After applying 1-2 layers of the Super Gel colour you then go in with the Super Gel Top Coat which apparently should last like a gel but doesn't require a UV lamp to set it. Rimmel also don't make any claims about it being set by the UV of the sun, unlike Sally Hansen.

I'll just talk about the packaging real quick, everything is as you would expect with the polishes, glass bottle, brush applicator, blah blah blah. No one reinvented the wheel here and that's not a bad thing. The brush is one of those flat and wide deals which is my preferred type so I give that my tick of approval.

The polish applies easily and evens out really well, everything is hunky dory. The particular colour I have (which is gorgeous) is 012 Soul Session, these types of nudes are great for elongating the fingers when your nails are long or give short nails a really neat appearance. I'm loving this shade right now as I try to grow my nails out.

I have a few issues with this product, for starters it has a long dry time and if you don't make sure that each layer of polish is dry you'll likely end up with bubbles in the polish, if you check out the picture below you'll see that the nails don't look particularly smooth and that's because they have tiny little air bubbles all over them. The dry time really shits me, while they feel dry to the touch fairly quickly they aren't actually dry for at least 30 minutes and if you try to layer the polishes before they are actually dry you get bubbles. I don't have time for that shit. None of it.

As for longevity, Rimmel claim up to 14 days, I always had chipping within 24 hours, I tried it with a base coat and without, so much damn chipping.

Ultimately this is just nail polish, there isn't a single thing that is special about it and if you have trouble keeping polish on your nails don't expect this to be the game changer.

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Colour and Top Coat are available at Priceline for $9.95 each and come in a range of 14 colours.

Have you tried Rimmel Super Gel? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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1 comment on "Rimmel - Super Gel Nail Colour*"
  1. I was pretty unimpressed trying this the first time but I gave it another go and it lasted over a week for me. I did get those fine cracks in the polish which looked annoying! But definitely doesn't give a gel-like look!

    xo Kat @ Katness