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Project Pan 2016 - Round 1 | Update 1

5 February 2016
So I'm a month in to my first Project Pan of 2016 and I'm really happy with my progress!
You can find my intro post here.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation - My marking for this was way off, for a glass bottle it's surprisingly difficult to see through, the pump stopped dispensing product so I scraped it out and finished it off as much as I could, I really like this foundation and if my stash is looking smaller by the time the next Priceline 40% off sale rolls around I might pick it up, granted there isn't something new I'd prefer to try more!

Y.E.T Cat Girl Super Liner - This is behaving badly. I will get about half way through a winged eye and it starts to go on blotchy and loses it's pigment, with the tip drying up it's no good for use but I'm glad I got some good use out of it. Likely wouldn't repurchase simply because it's difficult to find in Australia.

BareMinerals Pressed Powder - Easy done, moving on to the next! Wouldn't repurchase, was nothing special.

MAC Eye Brows in Lingering - These are really easy to go through, just like any other super fine brow crayon but I really enjoyed using it, I have opened my backup and purchased another in Fling which is more suitable for blondes. Will definitely repurchase in the future and highly recommend!

Maybelline Lip Liner in Toast - Since this was quite old and getting firm I powered through it, filling my lips every day and if my lipstick wore off completely I would reapply during the day. Glad to see it done!

A;T Fox Lip Pencil in Rose Beige - Another easy one, I really liked this! If I was making a Korean order and these were on sale I'd buy more but wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase.

BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer - I've been enjoying this so far, I don't feel like it works miracles but I think it possibly keeps my foundation on a little longer. I'm hoping to get about half way through this by the end of March.

Essence Match 2 Cover Concealer Duo - My original goal was to finish the darker concealer pan which was easily done! I used this under my eyes and for spot concealing and with daily use it was finished in no time, rather than adding this to my empties I've decided to use the lighter shade with a concealer that's too dark for me and see if I can get through it in a month and have it completely done.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Barely Branded - I'm not loving this, I used it quite often and made the dip a little deeper but had to mix it up because it was so dry, much easier to use now but I'm not inspired by it, I'll keep going until the project is finished

Inglot Eyeshadow in AMC #65 - Black eyeshadow is not something I use often and having this one in the project hasn't made me want to use it more often but I do bust this out several times a week because I really want to hit sizeable pan on it, the dip is deeper which is encouraging but this shadow is probably going to last me a lifetime. No joke.

Aldi/Lacura Poppy Solid Perfume - I have concluded that I don't like solid perfumes, I reached my goal of hitting pan on this one but I'm going to keep at it until the end of the project. I had three of these, one has disappeared (not sad), the other is basically untouched and this one is slowly dwindling, will be getting rid of this and the other one at the end of the project.

Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush in Poser - I've been using this as a bronzer but progress is minimal, will keep at it.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips in Nude - Omg baby progress! I'm proud and a little annoyed at the same time, I've been wearing this a lot so to see such a small amount of progress is frustrating but I'll keep at it, I've been enjoying the colour which is a plus.

MAC Silver Liner - This didn't get much use but I decided to use it in place of the Colour Tattoo as an eyeshadow base and decided that I really enjoyed it for that purpose, after just a few applications I had a little progress so I'm going to be concentrating on this one and hope to have it done by the next update.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lip Stick in Sophia - This one is shitting me off, I have been wearing this everyday, layering and reapplying and it thanks me with such a small amount of progress!?!?! I don't mind the colour but it's not a favourite so I really want to finish it and I'm praying for it to be done by the next update.

I'm really hoping I can finish/reach my goal on four products by the next update because I'm already keen to change up my products! I have been playing around with the idea of doing a Pan That Palette of sorts but I'll be dead honest, it scares me! I'll be putting the pressure on to use them but on the other hand I'm disappointed that I don't have that pressure! If you would like to watch me try out a Pan That Palette (with my own twist of course) let me know in the comments below.

Did you finish any makeup products in January? If so let me know in the comments!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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3 comments on "Project Pan 2016 - Round 1 | Update 1"
  1. Yep, I'd love to see you do a pan that palette project, Hailey style, of course!

  2. I too would love to see you do a Pan That Palette your own unique style of course! I'm terrible when it comes to finishing makeup products - I don't own much makeup, but I rarely finish anything.

  3. I too love the mac brow liners in lingering and fling, fling can pull a bit too warm on me sometimes though which is a bummer. Also my covergirl outlast foundation pump has just stopped working- I hope its not a common fault!