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Pan That Palette 2016 - Intro

21 February 2016
We're coming up to the end of the second month of the year. That means we have just 10 months before we're celebrating another new year. Does that freak you out?

I was feeling like I didn't really have any focus when it came to working on eyeshadows this year, I'd planned to just throw some in to my quarterly Project Pans but I quickly discovered that I was just reaching for the same favourite shadows over and over.

I was looking at my shadows and palettes and feeling like I definitely needed to do something that would encourage me to work on certain areas. Enter Pan That Palette.. The Hailey Version.

I picked out two of my oldest palettes, both Estee Lauder GWP palettes, I really like the shadows, they are great quality and I genuinely want to use them and not just toss them out. I was planning on depotting the whole lot, sans a few shades that I knew I wouldn't use but that proved a little more difficult than I thought it would be, after a few casualties I opted to keep the second palette as is.

In my Zpalette you'll notice Benefit Hoola in the top left hand corner, ignore it, I'm focusing on other things here.
Next to Hoola are a bunch of Estee Lauder shades, they're fairly small pans other than the long one at the very top.

Below them are shades from my Project Pan last year and to the right are a bunch of loose pigments that I pressed, there is very little product in those pans so I suspect it won't be difficult using them up, this is more of an experiment to see if they are easier to use pressed.

Next I have an 18 pan Estee Lauder Palette, again these are very small pans and some already have a little use, you can see I even hit pan on one shade so I know I'm keen on the formula and many of the colours. there are a few shades in here that I might choose not to use but I want to play with it a little more before I rule any out completely.

This one here is a Lacura Barely There Palette, I don't expect to finish this at all, I just want to force myself to use it again and see if there are any shades that I'm really keen on. What I plan on doing is including a single shade each time I finish a pan in my other palettes, I'd like to decide what I love, depot those and toss the rest at the end of the year, if I'm not feeling any of them come the end of December it'll be bin time.

These blog posts won't be so long winded from here on out, I'll just be showing progress photos, maybe pointing out what I'm loving and hating and possibly mentioning some goals for the coming month.

If you're doing a Pan That Palette of some sort let me know in the comments!

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