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GlamGlow - YouthCleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

2 February 2016
I really love the GlamGlow YouthMud mask so when I saw the GlamGlow YouthCleanse at Mecca I grabbed a bottle and had high expectations.

GlamGlow YouthCleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser is a mud to foam cleanser, you get 150g of product in a pump top bottle.

Let's talk about the packaging real quick before I move on to my thoughts on the product. The pump top is a good idea but it's not the most functional, I find it to be a little stiff and since the bottle is so wide it's kinda difficult to pump the product out with one hand especially if God graced you with teeny tiny weirdo hands. *Waves*

You get a fairly small amount of product with one pump and the directions on the packaging recommend using 2 to 3 pumps for each use. When ever I'm pumping the product out I feel like I'm not getting good value for my money, 2-3 pumps feels like a lot, realistically it's not because you need that much for a proper clean but I cringe a little every time I press that top more than once. Stop taking my money!

Something else to keep in mind about the pump top is that is can clog if you leave the cap off or don't use the product for a few days, this is kind of annoying because it often results in the need for more pumps because not as much product is coming out. Psychologically this makes me think I'm wasting an expensive product and I hate that! Also I don't appreciate globs of mud cleanser being spat across my bathroom.

The product is a fairly thick, blueish gray mud with some little gritty bits in it, you are supposed to apply it to dry skin, massage in and then add a little water until it foams up and finish by rinsing it off. The problem here is that the product is really difficult to massage in to the skin when your face is dry so you feel like you need to use even more product. I learnt very quickly to just put a tiny bit of water on my face so it was slightly damp to encourage the product to have more slip, this made the massaging process much easier and didn't encourage using excess product that wasn't necessary.

The product doesn't foam up a whole lot, it's just the right amount for me and it rinses away easily leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. What more could you ask for?

I'd also ask for results, because results are really nice.

I was initially using this daily, but I started to notice some flaky spots on my forehead so I cut it back to once every two days, this didn't really help the over exfoliation issue so I quit using it all together and after a fortnight reintroduced it in to my routine. Using it every second day resulted in over exfoliation yet again so I stopped using it completely again and have since only used it about once a week, alternating it with other scrubs.

The reason I alternate it with other scrubs is because this isn't really all that impressive, it has a low content of grit (pumice) which is usually quite rough on the skin but in this product feels fairly soft, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth enough but it certainly isn't anywhere near the intensity of the scrub you get with the mask.

Using it daily is out of the question for me because I'm not down with over exfoliated skin and it doesn't excite me enough to want to use it as my only scrub once a week, considering the price tag of $56.00AUD I think it's a bit of a let down and I wouldn't repurchase it.

You can buy it at Mecca if you're keen though!

Have you tried the GlamGlow YouthCleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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