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Empty! January 2016

31 January 2016
First empties of 2016!

So you're going to notice some changes to the way I do empties this year, there will be no blog posts full of photos and rambling paragraphs, I'm making this change for a few reasons.
  1. Photographing my empties is a bloody mission.
  2. Writing about my empties is a bloody mission.
  3. I'd prefer to cut out the bloody mission of empties and put that time in to making sure I do a monthly favourites instead.
I think it's more important to show you guys the stuff I really love rather than bombarding you with a lot of stuff that I persevered through to the end of the bottle, so empties will be videos only from here on out for the sake of my sanity.

Yay for sanity!

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1 comment on "Empty! January 2016"
  1. Yay for sanity indeed! I know what you mean though, photographing & writing can be a bitch at times.

    I used to use the Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen & yeah, not really dry to the touch! It didn't make me overly greasy, but in the end I felt like moving on to something else and now I'm happy using the Cetaphil Suntivity range.