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Blogmas 2015 Day 8 - Those Beautiful Limited Editions...

8 December 2015
I'm cutting it close with this post guys!

Why you be so busy life? Whhyyyy? It's up before Midnight though so it still counts!

So today's post is going to focus on some limited edition Christmas makeup items, as of the moment that I'm writing this post (and filming the video), these are all currently still available for purchase. If they happen to sell out by the time this post goes up, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be that shit blogger who teases you with things you can't have, I'm just trying to give you my initial thoughts on the items to help you choose between the million things on your wishlist this year.

Obviously I've had a lot of new makeup items come in to my collection recently and they all require actual use before I can talk about them but considering the time sensitive nature of posts like this you should know that I haven't been able to try every single eyeshadow pan shown in this post, I have used all of the products as much as I can to get an idea of how they perform so I can point out the pros and cons. If I had months to test these, I would, and you would get full blown in depth reviews of them all but unfortunately this is not a luxury that Christmas Limited Edition items allow.

Ok, get ready for the photos. I'll keep the words to a minimum from here.


The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Holiday Collection contains 6 deluxe minis with one gram in each stick and retails for $65.00, this is a really good deal considering that these sell for $39 each in their full size and only contain 1.64g (full size sell for about $$23 a gram while the minis are less than $10 a gram).

You'll get 3 matte colours and 3 metals in the set, all colours are very wearable, apply smoothly, blend like a dream, have pigment for days, don't crease and can be worn alone or as a base.

I feel like this is simply a perfect set, the only thing I can think of that people might not like is that they are a little tacky on the skin, if you choose to wear them on their own you might notice a slight sticky feeling, personally it didn't bother me and I hardly noticed it but it may annoy some people, if you apply a shadow over the top it's not an issue though.

Here is Sugar Frost, Amethyst and Aubergine in all their glory, I'm still blown away at the way Aubergine blends seamlessly.

The Laura Mercier Matte-To-Metal Caviar Stick Collection retails for $65.00 from David Jones and is currently only available in store (click and collect available).


I have a thing for BareMinerals Palettes, their eyeshadows in particular, but their blushes, bronzers and highlights are damn nice as well.

This little dude contains 8 shadows (4 mattes and 4 satins/metallics), 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlight. It has a little mirror and folds up in to a sturdy little traveller, I'd feel safe taking this on holiday with me.

If you're in to neutral shades but also enjoy a pop of subtle colour you're going to really love this.

First up, the coloured face powders. Skinny Dip is a bronzer with an ever so slight sheen, it's not a shimmer by any means but more of a glowy finish that naturally healthy skin would have. The two blushes; The Love Letter & The Summer Fling are perfect summer shades, they can be worn together with the darker colour towards the back of your cheeks and the lighter colour on the apples for a pretty gradient flush, the pigment can be worn softly or built up depending on your preferences and finally, The Brilliant Sunset, is a highlight that fits perfectly between bronze and pink so you can use it in conjunction with any combination of the other coloured face powders. These are really well thought out colours.

The shadows shine in this palette and I'm simply going to say they are all stunning, I've used every single colour in the palette and if I wasn't trying to trial other things and pan shadows I'd be using this every day. Romp has my heart at the moment but all of the shades blend well, wear beautifully and there are enough mattes and shimmery shades to create many different looks to suit your preferences, combining different shades can take this from office friendly, to summer lunch with your makeup loving friends and out on the town at night. If your budget is low but you're desperate to buy a palette this Christmas and the colours look like the kind of thing you would like, this is the one I would recommend without a doubt.

The BareMinerals Regal Wardrobe Palette retails for $58.00 from Mecca.


This little 5 pan palette contains a bunch of Becca best sellers. The packaging is also stunning.

Look at it..

Inside you'll find 3 Skin Perfector Pressed pans in Moonstone, Rose Gold and Topaz, along with 2 Mineral Blushes in Wild Honey and Flowerchild. There's a mirror too, just in case you don't have enough of those in your life.

While this palette is very pretty it's simply not good value for money, you get 3 Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed pans (1.4g each) and 2 Mineral Blush pans (1.6g each). In a full size Becca blush you get about 5.5g of product for $50 and the SSPP contain about 8g and sell for $60. In this palette you get 7.4 g of product for $70. If we average it out you pay $9 per gram for the full size blush, $7.5 per gram for the full size SSPP and in the After Glow Palette you are paying $9.45 per gram so this is all round just bad value here in Australia.

Sure everything looks very pretty but the blushes swatch a little powdery and the highlights can look a little shit if they are built up too much and since I like a full on highlight I find them to be a little difficult to work with when it comes to making them look gorgeous on the skin.

The Becca Afterglow palette retails for $70 and is available at Sephora and online.


I picked this up because I quite like Benefit coloured face powders, the palette contains 4 blushes (Coralista 5g, Dandelion 4g, Rockateur 5g and Sugarbomb 6g), the famous Hoola 5g, a deluxe mini They're Real! Mascara, They're Real! Push Up Liner and Watt's Up! 1.5g.

This really enticed me because Hoola is my preferred bronzer and contour shade (because I totally needed a 4th backup), I wanted to own the Blushes but was never ever going to commit to the full sized boxes and I was also keen to try the Push Up Liner but was also never going to actually buy a full size tube, the mascara and Watt's Up were simply bonuses. I will say, I would have loved to see Dallas, Majorette and Hervana in the box though and have it be a major Benefit coloured face powder lineup, can't win 'em all though hey.

I didn't bother doing cheek swatches with these because it's pointless, we all know the types of colours we like to wear on our cheeks so simple swatches will do, also, I think we have all swatched a few Benefit blushes in our time so we know the drill here and if you don't.. Everything is lovely (except possibly the liner, I haven't gotten around to trying that yet, also don't be alarmed that Hoola looks really sad pigment wise, I'm quite severely tanned at the moment so it's almost the same colour as my skin). I think the most important thing to touch on with this quick review is value.

The break down of the value of this kit is as follows:
  • They're Real Mini Mascara (can be purchased seperately) - $20
  • They're Real Push Up Liner (approximate value based on weight) - $9.53
  • Dandelion (approximate value based on weight) - $20.40
  • Rockateur (Full Size!) - $51.00
  • Sugarbomb (approximate value based on weight) - $25.50
  • Hoola (approximate value based on weight) - $31.87
  • Coralista (approximate value based on weight) - $31.87
  • Watt's Up! (approximate value based on weight) - $8.46
Total value = $198.63

This kit sells for $69.00.. You'll find it at Myer. You're Welcome.

Have you picked up any of these this season? If so let me know your thoughts, if not let me know what you're lusting after!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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6 comments on "Blogmas 2015 Day 8 - Those Beautiful Limited Editions..."
  1. I really hate that push up liner. I just don't get it. I have even thrown one out my bathroom window in a childish rage about its shitness.

    1. I don't think I've ever seen a truly positive review on it but I'm still keen to try it so I can hate it too!

  2. Wow that benefit set is amazing value!! I hope theres some left on boxing day, thats when I plan on doing my beauty shopping in hope theres some good deals left. Shame about the becca palette!

    1. I have seen a lot of stock when I'm passing through Myer so it wouldn't surprise me if they have some left :)

  3. I'm supposed to be on a spending ban but I love the Bareminerals palette, gorgeous colours.

    1. I'm sorry that I tempted you! Perhaps you could drop some hints and hope Santa brings it for Christmas ;)