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Blogmas 2015 Day 3 - Project Pan Update #9

3 December 2015
One more month.

One. More. Month.

My only original starting products are what is in the Zpalette but I feel like that damn thing just makes this feel like it's never ending, the progress is so slow and I'm looking forward to changing it all up in January!

Let's get on to the empties..

Illamasqua Loose Powder - Super finely milled loose translucent powder. Highly recommend and would repurchase.

Colour Tattoo in Tangy and Fierce - Ok, I know it's not empty but I never promised to finish this, since I managed to pan the Benefit pink shadow that I was pairing this with it's off to the bin with this one. Do not want.

Benefit Erase Paste - I had a roller coaster relationship with this, I hated it, then liked it, then loved it then finally tolerated it until it went away. I finally worked out a good way of using it and while I wouldn't repurchase it specifically, if I got it in a little Benefit pack I would use it.

Camouflage Colour Liner - Lovely colour, nice consistency. Won't repurchase but would use if I ended up with another one.

Avon Lipstick in Suede - Really enjoyed this, would buy a full size.

YSL Touche Eclat - This finally just stopped working, I managed to get half a face done and then had to substitute another product. Glad it's finally done, would not repurchase, ridiculously hyped up for a basic product.

Now for progress..

Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer - My face seems to have a hunger for silicone products right now and just eats through this in a matter of a couple hours. While this is a really nice primer it's just not working out for me right now.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Almost there.. Almost.

Unknown Scented Oil - Pretty much forgot about this in November. Really want this to be done by the finale.

Biotherm Glossy Lips - Pretty much forgot about this too. Current goal: Stop forgetting this product.

Clinique No Show Taupes - The dip is growing, I won't finish this but I'm hoping to hit pan by the finale.

Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner - Hit pan and worked my way to one side of the pot, goal is to just make that pan as big as I can.

Avon Lipsticks in Nude Beige, Rosy Brown & Pink Berry: I will not be using any other coloured lip products until these are done! That should seriously only take a week or so.

Josie Maran Argan Love Your Lips in Happy Honey - I used this quite a bit this month but it takes forever to use, the argan part is quite firm so wearing it down is a mission. I really dislike this and just want it to go away.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Brow Pencil in Nouveaux - I have come to really love this colour, I would repurchase it but it's always been a firm pencil and it occasionally pulls brow hairs out of my face. These are a precious commodity, I can not afford to lose more.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Christine - Loving this colour right now, I won't finish this but will happily use it after the project is done.

Estee Lauder Bois De Rose - Very pretty dark nude, if I can finish half of what is left I'll be happy and roll it over in the next project.

Rimmel Guest List - Quite happy with my progress here, it's not much but considering that I was thinking about just tossing this I'm proud of how far I've come.

Update #8                                                                                       Update #9
So sick of what is going on here. The Sugar Baby thing in the left hand corner hasn't been touched and will likely stay that way. Hoola has a nice dip but it isn't really noticeable in the photo, I might be able to hit pan on this in November.

As mentioned earlier I finished the pink Benefit shadow. Good riddance. I'm going to repress the two shadows on the far right and left, my goals with those will be to hit pan again, If I can manage that I'll be super happy.

I will have my final Project Pan update posted on the 30th of December and a new Project Pan starting on the 1st of January, I'll be doing things a little different next year but I can guarantee that there will be another year of panning on this blog and my YouTube channel.

Are you thinking of trying out some panning projects in the new year?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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4 comments on "Blogmas 2015 Day 3 - Project Pan Update #9"
  1. Fuck, I accidentally logged out instead of hitting publish....such derp I am.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that that Color Tattoo is hideous & I don't blame you for throwing it....

    Also wanted to say that you've done really well with this Project Polish. I don't have much makeup, but I know I couldn't do something like this...doing the Project Polish is hard enough. I am however aiming to pan one of my Bite Beauty lipsticks by the end of next year, because I want more of them + it's getting a bit old & I'm close to finishing it anyway.

    1. The trick with panning for me was choosing items that were really close to being done, then I chucked in some more difficult items, once I got in to the swing of it the rest was easy but I have learnt that the easiest way to kill your panning mojo is by trying to use up products that you hate/don't work for you and/or stuff that you struggle to work with. Give the lipstick a go and see how you feel after that, you might be inspired to use up some more stuff :)

  2. Reading your Project Pan posts made me find a few items to try and pan myself. Out of eight I think I'll manage to finish five by Christmas...Anyway, loved bingeing on all your updates, looking forward to seeing what you have in store for next year!

    1. Good luck! Feel free to come back and let me know about your progress!