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Blogmas 2015 Day 15 - Lorac Mega Pro 2 Review

15 December 2015
Ok, so I know this palette isn't really readily available in Australia, last year you could buy the Mega Pro off Amazon and they would ship it to Australia for a very reasonable price but this year they went and made it an Ulta exclusive.


I ordered my palette through Shop & Box, Kat from Kitsch Snitch and I shared the shipping fees and while it initially seemed quite reasonable the end total was blown out after paying paypal fees, shopper fees and service fees. I do not recommend using Shop & Box!

Usually I wouldn't review something that is really difficult to get your hands on but this time it's a little bit special.. Come back on Christmas Eve to find out why!

So these Mega Pro palettes are, well, mega.

Inside you'll find a large mirror, big enough to do a full face of makeup and 32 eyeshadow pans, the first two rows consisting of 16 matte shades and the bottom two rows consist of 16 shimmer, satin and metallic shades.

Although a palette containing 32 shades should seem extremely versatile, this one does leave a little room for improvement, realistically you only have one neutral and extremely wearable matte crease shade with Saddle, the rest are going to require a little bravery when it comes to wearing them, unless you are comfortable with forest green, deep burgundy, dark blue gray and black.

If you're happy wearing shimmery colours in your crease you have a little more freedom, Dark Sienna, Cinnamon & Penny are all lovely wearable neutral colours.

The palette is heavy on the light shades, but has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to darker crease shades.

Now that I've got the disappointing aspects out of the way I'll just go right ahead and say that I actually love this palette, I've been playing with colour a lot lately so dipping in to the peaches and purples is keeping me very happy.

All of these shadows are matte and a little powdery, I will skip mentioning this in each description.

Porcelain - Soft, smooth cream shade that has good pigmentation.

Custard - Good pigmentation and is actually the colour of custard.

Tawny - Warm, medium orangey brown, use a good base to build up colour or use it as a transition shade as it sheers out well.

Burlap - Warm, medium camel brown, very good pigmentation.

Melon - Pretty warm coral, very good pigmentation, looks very pretty over the lid.

Tangerine - Clever play on pink, orange and red here, warm undertones, very good pigmentation.

Saddle - Dark ash brown that pulls a little purple, very good pigmentation. I'm going to sit on the fence of this being neutral because I can see pink and yellow in there

Forest - Cool, dark forest green, very good pigmentation and not as powdery as some of the other shades.

Bisque - Cool, pale baby pink, very good pigmentation.

Lavender - Cool, pale purple, ok pigmentation.

Purple - Cool, mid toned bright blueish purple, the swatch above looks quite sad but after dipping in to the shade a bit more it has come to life and has much better pigmentation than shown.

Sorbet - Neutral, soft dusty rose, good pigmentation

Goji - Warm, pinkish plum, very good pigmentation when you get deeper in to the pan.

Cabernet - Warm burgundy, very good pigmentation when you get deeper in to the pan.

Ash - Cool, dirty blue, good pigmentation but difficult to blend and doesn't look very good once it starts to fade out near your blended edges.

Black - Just black, it's all right.

Sugar - Neautral shimmery cream with soft, subtle pink reflects.

Chiffon - Cool, muted baby pink with a soft sheen

Prosecco - Metallic, pale, soft silvery beige.

Soft Plum - Warm dusty rose with a soft sheen.

Cinnamon - Warm orangey copper with a soft sheen.

Sandstone - Warm taupe with a frosty finish.

Gunmetal - Neutral frosty blue-gray.

Blue Quartz - Bright medium blue with a slight frosted finish, pigment is better as I get deeper in to the pan.

Moonlight - Pale butter yellow with a high sheen.

Seashell - Warm frosted yellowy peach.

Peony - Warm light peach with a soft sheen

Dark Sienna - Dark brown with a berry coloured shift. stunning!

Penny - Warm frosty bronze with an orangey richness.

Olivine - Warm metallic pale ash green with a silvery shift.

Gold Leaf - Bright metallic gold, pigmentation isn't great and formula is a little crumbly.

Black Ivy - Black with yellow and green micro glitter and formula is very crumbly.

While just about all of the shadows are quite powdery they actually perform really nicely. Most blend really well (some of the mattes can grab and skip over the skin but I find these to do it less than most other mattes), they are buildable, hold their colour well through the day and translate really well on the eye. Some of the shades aren't really as pigmented as I'd like but they aren't complete flops.
Using a primer will obviously give good results and if you use a cream base that compliments the shades you are using you're going to get better colour intensity.

Transition: Melon
Inner Corner: Gun Metal
Lid: Cinnamon
Crease & Lower Lash Line: Cabernet & Black

Transition: Bisque
Crease: Goji & Cabernet
Lid: Peony

So is the palette worth it? To be honest I can't even recalled what I paid for it but when I factor in shipping and other fucking stupid fees I can tell you it wasn't cheap by any means. If you're a palette junky or a completionist and own the rest of the Lorac range then you probably don't care so much about he cost and I'd say go for it but if you're looking for high quality palettes that are very versatile and reflect that cost wise then I would say run the other way. Yes it's a good palette, yes I'm very pleased to have it, but no, it's not a Holy Grail.

Got anything to say about the Lorac Mega Pro or Mega Pro 2? If so let me know in the comments!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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