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Blogmas 2014 Day 20 - Worst Part Of Christmas

20 December 2015
After yesterdays hearfelt post about what Christmas means to me I thought I would write a little bit about the shit side of Christmas.

I'm going to start with shopping.

We have a tendency to leave shopping to the last minute. Almost every year, just a few days before Christmas, we rush to buy gifts. The story goes like this: We agree to do a no gift Christmas. We then decide that we really want to get something for Nan and my nephews and nieces so we go to the shops just a few days before Christmas. We opt for Chadstone because it's all in one place, there is always seating if mum gets worn out or isn't feeling well and food is plentiful. We drive around looking for a park for 20 minutes, swearing often because someone stole our parking spot, that numpty hit our car with their trolley, that toddler wasn't being monitored carefully and darted out between a parked car and gave us both a heart attack. By the time we park we've already had enough.

In Chadstone it's crowded and loud, people walk at a snails pace and actually stepping in to a shop is often difficult because there is limited space and too many bodies.
What is that smell?
Who touched my butt?
Why is it so hot in here?
No I don't want to try your Dead Sea products that will wipe 20 years off my face.

Eventually we find the gifts we want as we try to waddle back to the car with sore feet and heavy bags we start to get 'gift guilt'.
Perhaps we should get something for so-and-so?
I think it would be nice to get a little something for the neighbours, they always do lovely things for us.

Back in to the shops.

Once we are home the argument about wrapping begins. I always lose.

The birds, on the other hand, LOVE gift wrapping.

They poop on the paper, bite my fingers and screech until my ears bleed when I try to take the roll of sticky tape away from them. Hours later I have immaculate gifts all wrapped up and looking perfect. I hide them on shelves that I think they can't climb up to. Shortly after, when I'm laying in a dark room waiting for the painkillers to fix my splitting headache, I'll hear mum yelling.

The birds are ripping the paper off the gifts.

Those smiles when people unwrap their gifts is just wonderful though and all worth it.

After the Big Day we wind down, Christmas is over and New Years is coming. We enjoy our lovely pine tree and sparkling decorations until early January.

This is where we vow to do a gift free Christmas next year.

Then it's time to pack everything away.

The easy decorations come down first. Then it's time to tackle the tree.

Oops! Dropped another bauble! Don't step on it! ..... I said DON'T step on it.
Why are these lights tangled? HOW did they even get tangled?
OUCH! The tree stabbed me. Again.
I'm bleeding.
I'm trying not to bleed on the carpet.
Can you help me get the birds out of the tree please?
God DAMN IT! The bird bit me!
I'm bleeding. Again.
Fuck the carpet! I basically have a puncture wound, a little sympathy would be nice.
Stop laughing, it's not funny.
Help me drag this tree out...
UGGHHHH pine needles everywhere.
Does anyone but me ever change the vac bag?
We will be finding pine needles in the carpet until Easter.

This is where mum refuses to have a real tree next year and I ignore her.

Do you have a part of Christmas that you can't stand?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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3 comments on "Blogmas 2014 Day 20 - Worst Part Of Christmas"
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  2. Getting an achy wrist from writing so many Christmas cards!

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

  3. "No I don't want to try your Dead Sea products that will wipe 20 years off my face." Haha, those people & their ilk annoy me so much. One of those types was rude & persistent towards me once, so like chuggers (aka charity muggers aka all those fundraising people on the streets), I avoid them like the plague.

    Another thing that annoys me about Christmas is how aggressive people get, especially when it comes to parking spaces. I feel like telling people to take a chill pill and calm the hell down. There will always be another space, don't fight over it & stress out everyone else!

    I'm also not a fan of Christmas music, but I think that comes from my years in retail having to hear the same fucking songs a zillion times over. Some of it isn't bad, but John Lennon's Christmas song in particular makes me feel depressed/want to cry.