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Urban Decay - Vice 4 Palette

29 November 2015
It's a lovely thing to be able to go in to a brick and mortar store and swatch an Urban Decay palette.

Straight off the bat Urban Decay are unashamedly sucking colour lovers in with the packaging.

Inside you'll find a makeup pouch that matches the packaging, which holds the palette comfortably, it's slightly padded so it's clearly made to assist with travelling and keep your colourful new baby safe. If you're like me and would never actually risk travelling with a $98 palette then you'll find the pouch is still useful for travelling with other makeup items.

Tucked away inside is an extremely glorious thing, it almost looks like an artistic rendition of a shattered stain glass window.

Inside the palette you'll find 20 eye shadow pans (9 satins, 7 glittery satins & 4 mattes), a huge mirror and a double ended brush. I'm not going to talk about the brush, I never have anything special to say about them so let's just move on.

I'm just going to touch on the stand outs and problem shades in the palette, anything that I don't mention you should just know that it does everything you would want an eye shadow to do.

And yes, my swatches are backwards. It's been a long week.

Grip needs building for good colour pay off but it does build easily and well.

Pandemonium is life.

Deadbeat is black and glittery. Plan ahead to avoid fall out potential.

Harlot is the sexiest beast on the block here with Fast-Ball backing her up. Underhanded is the dark sultry sister to these shades and the three together are killer.

This whole row is on point.

Discreet is transition king for this palette and I'm really glad to see it in here, this is the shade that will help mute your edges and make the bright looks blend seamlessly.

Grasshopper, C-Note and Arctic make the perfect green trio and since Arctic leans towards teal you're going to be able to add Beat Down in there and it will bring out the blue tones making the colours a little more diverse. Never thought I would say I'm a blue and green shadow user but since getting this palette these are the colours I'm going for more often than not.

Robbery is a silky, satin taupe lover. Gorgeous.

Crowbar and Low are the real danger shades, quite chunky with glitter and the potential for major mess, do your eyes first or protect your base and you'll be fine.

Flame and Bitter bring a little fire to the palette, Flame offers boldness with a stunning gold shift while Bitter warms things up with a burnt, smoky orange hue

I put together a quick eye look just so you can see what is possible with some of the brights in the palette.

Primer: Lorac Behind The Scenes
Crease: Discreet
Inner Corner: Fast-Ball
Center Lid: Arctic
Outer Corner: Beat Down
Lower Lash Line Outer Corner: Grasshopper
Lower Lash Line Inner Corner: Flame (Blended over Grasshopper in center to create a unique transition colour)
Inner Corner Highlight: Bones dusted very lightly
I finished the look by taking the tiniest bit of Bitter on a tapered blending brush and dragging it through my crease and a quick (crappy) wing.

Final thoughts.. Love it. The colours are stunning and vibrant, they apply and blend well and although I haven't tried applying wet yet I can only imagine the intensity that is possible. Sure there are a few problem shades but that's the go with all palettes.

If you're not a colour person, don't go there. While there are some tame shades in the palette they are there only to compliment the brighter colours and offer diversity, ie; you can pick up the palette and will have everything required to create a colourful look without having to dig in your collection for a transition shade, highlight or matte crease colour. Yes you could absolutely create a very tame, neutral look with the palette but you are going to be quite limited with what you can do in that respect.

If you love colour, can afford the $98AUD price tag and want some stunning shades, go for it.

The Urban Decay Vice 4 palette is available at Mecca Maxima Stores and online at Mecca.

Do you have the Vice 4 palette or any of the previous Vice palettes? If so let me know your thoughts!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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2 comments on "Urban Decay - Vice 4 Palette"
  1. Ahhh this palette looks amazing, love the eye look you created too. I actually never imagined myself lusting for a colourful palette but lately I've been getting bored of just neutrals and enjoy adding pops of colour, definitely need to go and drool over this in store!

  2. Those swatches are amazing! Your eye look is fantastic! I've never been interested in their Naked palettes, I don't do beige. I can't justify $98 being the notorious tight arse I am, but I'm going to obsess over this palette forever.