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Sally Hansen - Miracle Gel*

19 November 2015
I'm going to say it right away.

The only saving grace for this product is the colour of that stunning mint polish.

What we have here is a limited edition duo from Sally Hansen of the Miracle Gel Colour and Top Coat, you can buy the top coat separately, but not the colour, which is called Geo-Mint-Ric for all those who have swooned over it after watching some of my recent videos. The good news is that these duos are on sale for $15.95AUD which is quite close to the cost of a single colour. If you want the short version of this post then my suggestion is to buy the pack from Priceline, toss the top coat in the bin then go forth and dazzle the world with your stunning mint nails. Seriously, it's that pretty.

The idea behind this polish is that the top coat contains an ingredient that cures under natural light, the coloured polish is still a standard nail colour, basically you apply two thin coats of the coloured polish over clean nails, no base coat required, allow it to dry and then go in with the top coat, which should set just because you're painting your nails during the day.

You can probably imagine that I tested this out extensively.

First test was simply following the directions, two coats of colour over clean nails, no base coat, followed by one coat of the top coat. I found the polish took quite a while to dry, there is nothing quick about this process, although the top coat was touch dry after about 5 minutes of sitting in front of my window, the polish proved to be quite soft for at least 2 hours, bumping my nails resulted in nicks in the polish. Less than 24 hours later I had chipping at the tips of the nails and all I did was sleep in a bed and have a shower.

Second test wasn't much better, again two coats of colour over clean nails, sans base coat. One coat of top coat and 10 minutes of sitting in the direct sun. Nails were touch dry but still soft for about two hours and again I had some damage due to bumping my nails while doing that thing called living. I stuck this one out though.

Again less than 24 hours later I had chipping, I also noticed some cracks in the top coat, little hairline fractures that were very noticeable to me who was inspecting the polish like it was a used car I was planning on buying but probably not noticeable to anyone else.

Day 3 bought more chipping and more little cracks and by day 5 my manicure was so heinous I couldn't stand it any more, I'd had some splitting of my nails, where the top layer of my nail would separate and I made the mistake of peeling it off, the polish took an extra chunk of nail along with it as you can see in the photo below. After removing the polish I noticed my nails were stained, so that base coat they say you don't need? Yeah, I wouldn't recommend skipping that.

I also went ahead and applied this top coat at night, far away from the glittery rays of the sun, just for shits and giggles, you know. Turns out it sets in the exact same time as it does in the sun.

So all in all I think the top coat is rubbish but Geo-Mint-Ric is such a pretty colour, I love it so much that I'm wearing it now, with an OPI base coat and Seche Vite.

If you've tried any of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes let me know your thoughts!

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