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Beyonce - Heat Kissed*

13 November 2015
Ahhh celebrity perfumes, they are everywhere. Does anyone else feel like they kind of all smell the same? Like a nondescript sweet, fruity, floral-ness that lasts maybe an hour or two before you're reapplying?


Not much difference here folks.

Beyonce's new Heat Kissed EDP notes are as follows:

"The lush composition begins with exotic fruity notes of litchi, mango and pitahaya. Its rich heart includes Red Fury orchid, Sambac jasmine and Moroccan rose oil. Exotic woody notes of African sandalwood and patchouli are combined with vanilla infusion to create a warm and inviting base."

Jasmine, mango and vanilla are the main notes I can smell, the woody notes are very subtle on me but it does warm the scent up a little.

Personally I feel like this is a year round scent, it's fresh enough to be worn in summer but warm enough to work in winter

The bottle reminds me a little of a genie lamp, the burgundy glass is very pretty and they have textured the bottom of the bottle along with the cap so when the sunlight hits it at the right angle it looks really pretty, team that with the simple gold band and you end up with a really simple design that is striking in it's simplicity. It's just a shame that it's not a good idea to leave it sitting in a flood of sunlight throughout the day, tucked safely away in the shadows of your perfume storage it's a little lacklustre.

The scent is labelled as an Eau De Parfum so you can expect those fruity top notes to drop away after some wear time, leaving you with a delicious combination of warm jasmine and vanilla, sadly it's not particularly long lasting and you'll definitely need to reapply during the day.

Got a favourite celebrity scent? Let me know what it is in the comments.

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