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Rimmel - Lasting Finish By Kate Nude Collection + Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lipliner*

22 October 2015
I do love me a nude lip, problem is I have such trouble finding the right nude, you know, the one that doesn't suggest I'm a walking corpse.

Not that there's anything wrong with being a walking corpse.. Zombies are totally trendy right now.

Rimmel has recently released the Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection and, in my opinion, it's a winner.

All the pretties..
I think my biggest issues with nude lipsticks falls in to two categories; consistency and tone.

Most people need a pink based nude to help them pull off the look without looking sick (or dead), this is because lips have a natural pink flush to them anyway, even if you have naturally dark lips, this is all due to the skin on the lips being significantly thinner than the skin found elsewhere on the body which means the blood vessels in the lips are more visible, thus leads us to why they are generally of a rosy colour, when you take away or block out that rosy colour we look... well, wrong.

Typically when you're choosing the right nude for you you want to choose a colour closest to your natural lip colour but if you have medium toned or olive skin you can even go a shade or two lighter or darker, you have more freedom, be thankful.
That's not to say you can't wear a nude if it isn't exactly your natural lip colour, there is freedom for us all, just don't try to go three or four shades lighter, you're looking for a shade that is close to your natural lip colour.

The great thing about this collection is that it harnesses the natural flush of lips by keeping with a rosy theme while also having a colour to suit most skin tones by incorporating caramel and apricot bases, the fairest of us all, our Snow Whites with beautiful alabaster skin, are going to be able to pull off #40 because it almost has a baby pink quality to it. If you're in to a concealer lip and of any complexion this shade is going to work for you too.

#42, #43 & #45 are going to work for those of us with fair, light, medium/olive or tanned complexions, the colour you choose is all going to come down to personal preference and whether you have cool or warm undertones, I'm not going to get in to it because that shit is involved and lengthy, my best suggestion is to hold the lipstick up over your lips and see how it looks in the mirror, these lipsticks are true to colour so you will have a good idea of how it will look with this method (don't be trying any testers on your face, that's dirty).

Finally #48 is going to suit the darker women of colour, if that's not you don't write it off though, I can only describe this as a chocolate berry and it's as beautiful as it sounds.

The formula of these lipsticks is beautiful, creamy and pigmented, this means if you want to mix your colours for a custom nude you can with ease, it also means if you have dry lips these won't cling to dry skin and add to that 'Look at me, I'm a Zombie!' look. No shade to my Zombie sisters though..

While these lipsticks are named 'Lasting Finish' I don't find them to be particularly long wearing, they are pretty standard when it comes to longevity but I'm alright with that, I think applying lipstick is a relaxing ritual.

Finally let's chat about the Rimmel Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lipliner, I personally think a transparent lipliner is a must for every woman, it helps to prime and prevent colour bleeding and fading without altering the shade of your lipstick, I'm all for colour experimentation with different lipliners and lipsticks but at the end of the day I buy a lipstick because I like the colour of that lipstick and sometimes I don't want to mess around with that.

This lipliner does the transparent lipliner thing well, it primes and sets your lips up for a nice application while laying down a base over fine lines and preventing your lipstick from moving when it warms up after application.

The name may suggest that it's hydrating but I don't really jive with that so much, it's just a no fuss, affordable, transparent lipliner that does the job, comes in a handy retractable pen form and allows me to appreciate my lipsticks for the colour they are.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Nude Lipsticks retail for $12.95AUD each at Priceline.
Rimmel Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lipliner retails for $12.50AUD at Priceline.

What is your all time favourite nude lip colour?

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