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Real Techniques - Bold Metals Collection

15 October 2015
So the long awaited Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection made it's way to Australian shores and I think everyone went a little crazy. I know I went crazy because I bought the whole collection.

Something to keep in mind while reading this review is that I got a really good discount on these brushes, not only did I buy them from a trade store that discounts them anyway, I got 20% off on top of that. So what I paid compared to what you would pay at full retail differ greatly. If you're curious about the numbers I've included them at the bottom of the post and this post will also contain the full RRP for each individual brush BUT when I was trialing the brushes, filming my review and writing this post all I was thinking about is what I personally paid for them, so my gripes about cost are related to the already discounted price that I paid.

Also, I'm a little concerned some Sam & Nic die hards are going to read this and see red, this is in no way aimed at them, I love those girls and I'm so glad they are doing big and wonderful things in the industry that they love, I'm simply stating my opinion for my readers, who continually tell me that they love my honesty and when we are talking big bucks honesty is needed!

The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection consists of seven brushes, two base brushes, three eye brushes and two finishing brushes.

You'll be able to tell which is which by the beautiful metal colour coding, gold are base brushes, silver are for the eyes and the prettiest of the lot, the rose gold brushes, are for finishing your look.

There is no denying that the brushes are stunning to look at but looks aren't everything. The bristles are synthetic, so they are all cruelty free (yay!), they feel very soft and they have a weighted and tapered tip, I go in to detail about why this is a good thing in the video but I'm not going to ramble again in this post.

#100 Arched Powder Brush RRP $64.99AUD

What we have here is a beautiful, soft powder brush with a rounded and tapered top, it's great for applying powder products all over the face, so setting powder, bronzer, blush, etc, since the tip is tapered it allows you to get under your eyes easily and you could even use it to contour if you wanted to. This is easily my favourite brush in the collection and I will likely buy a few more of these. I think the big question is.. Is this really worth $65? Fuck no. Don't do it. Find it heavily discounted ($20+ off RRP) and then snap up several!

#101 Triangle Foundation Brush RRP $58.99AUD

This is a take on a flat foundation brush, or a paddle brush, typically used to 'paint' the face. Bristles are fairly soft but have a stiffness to them which is typical of these types of brushes.If you use the flat edge to apply it, you'll have a little streaking, but again this is typical of a flat foundation brush, if you use the flat edge to stipple over any streaks you'll end up with quite a nice base though. I believe the triangle shape is to help you get around spots like the eye and nose but in all my time of using it I've never found it to be functional, the shape is pointless if you ask me. Personally I think this was a shit brush to add to the collection, why not just make a beautiful buffing brush? This is absolutely not worth the $59 price tag, don't do it! If you want a nice flat foundation brush buy a Hakuhodo brush, they're cheaper and you'll get a much nicer finish. I don't even think I'll keep mine, since washing it the last time I haven't touched it so I may as well try to recoup some of the wasted money.

You will see that the next two brushes are waaaay over-sized, I have no idea why.

This eyeshadow laying brush is nice and soft and picks up shadow and pigment from the pan or pot like a boss! Shame it's the size of my whole eyelid.

Now you might think bigger is better but it's not when it comes to shadow brushes, when you're spending $39 on an eyeshadow brush, you want to be able to use it everyday but this will probably only suit you if you have large eyes or if your go to look is a wash of colour, you can use this to apply a single colour to the lid and then another colour in the crease but don't expect any perfectly placed shadow.

You might think the brush on the left is a teeny tiny shadow brush I pulled out of my collection, it's not. That is basically a standard sized eyeshadow brush that you see on the left, I would even consider it ever so slightly larger than most of my other eyeshadow brushes but it's my go-to because it picks up and lays down product really well, that is why I endure the slightly larger size but if precision is needed, it doesn't get a look in. With that said you can probably understand why I think the RT Shadow Brush is laughable at $39. I wouldn't recommend it to be honest.

I'm going to say it straight away. Don't do it!!! This brush looks like it could be 'innovative' but it's not. The size threw me straight away, but I thought hey, maybe it can be used as a crease brush AND a blending brush.

Nope, it can't.

While it feels quite soft to the touch it's way too stiff for any real blending ability, it can certainly lay down product in the crease but you need to be careful to only use the tip because it will smudge colour everywhere that you don't want it, since we typically use darker colours in the crease you can imagine the mess this brush can make of your eye makeup.

On the left in the photo above is a typical crease brush, this is the normal size you will find, the reason it's this size is because creases are small areas and you need a high level of control to ensure you're not muddying your eyelids. I definitely don't think it's worth $39, in fact I think it's a pretty stupid brush full stop, unless you have large eyes I would skip it all together. Why didn't they just make a nice blending brush that we can use everyday?!?!

#202 Angled Liner Brush RRP $38.99AUD

Finally, an eye brush that makes sense! It works really well, no complaints about functionality here. Oh, but don't pay $39 for it, it's a synthetic angled liner for fucks sake, they all work basically the same, this won't up your wing game if you're not good at it anyway, you need practice for that and practice is free.

#300 Tapered Blush Brush RRP $58.99AUD

This is basically like the Arched Powder brush but smaller, for blush it's ok but I really feel like this works best for highlighting and even contouring, I have also whipped this out for setting under my eyes. Is this worth the $59? No, absolutely not, if you can find it for around $30 I still feel like it's not really hitting the mark of 'Worth It'.

#301 Flat Contour Brush RRP $64.99AUD

A nice brush, the bristles are soft but dense, don't be fooled though, over blending will take your foundation off and muddy your contour! A gentle touch is needed but the weighted handle will help to some extent, otherwise this is a really nice contour brush, I don't find it great for using around the nose, the angle you have to hold it at feels funny, but it does work on the cheekbones, forehead, jawline and neck very well. Don't pay $65 for it though, find it on sale.

With all the brushes you should know that they pick up a hell of a lot more product than you realise, don't learn the hard way, use a gentle hand when dipping in to product and tap off your brushes!

You're paying for pretty when you buy these brushes, none of them have anything going for them that warrants the ridiculous price tags, there are so many low cost brushes out there that are comparable and even better in the fact that they are more functional. I wouldn't recommend a single person pay full retail for these, don't encourage the douche bags that decided what these would sell for in Australia (no, it wouldn't have been Sam & Nic, don't get your nickers in a twist).

The whole set will set you back $364.93AUD. I think my face just fell off.

My pro brush set cost me $600, it holds 30 brushes and came with a leather brush roll, all of the brushes are functional, they can be used on all faces and eye shapes, big or small and it holds every single brush I could possibly need to do a face of beauty makeup. This set burnt a hole in my pocket the size of $197.53AUD

And people are dropping nearly $400 on seven brushes, three of which are questionable in their functionality.

Don't do it. Research your prices and shop savvy!

What's your opinion of the RT Bold Metals Collection?

This post contain affiliate links, if you choose to use them I thank you kindly!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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3 comments on "Real Techniques - Bold Metals Collection"
  1. Love your honest reviews as always :)

  2. I almost (and I mean almost) bought a couple of these brushes. I had my eye on the pointed crease brush & the tapered blush brush, but thankfully for me they were all sold out in Priceline by the time I bothered to look at them. Looks like I'm not missing much. Besides, I've got several brushes both from RT & Sigma that are lying around gathering dust or are still in their holder (I bought the eye kit from RT & I don't even use 3 of the brushes in it), I need not waste any more dough on brushes that I know I won't use for whatever reason.

    Your honesty as always is much appreciated. :o)

  3. wow theyre so expensive!! Awesome reviews, I agree that shadow brush is ridiculously big! I might see if herb eventually stocks some cheap and I might buy 1 or 2.. maybe