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Milky Foot - The Revolting Review!*

29 October 2015
If you don't like feet or peeling skin you're going to hate this post. No seriously.

Milky Foot was sent to me by Beauty Heaven to trial and I can tell you I was sooooo fucking excited about this one! It's been one of those products I was keen to try for years but every time I went to buy a box it was sold out, the heavens heard my cry for peeling feet though and it was literally delivered to my door.

The idea behind Milky Foot is that these magical little booties will slough the dead skin off your feet over the span of a few days, leaving you with soft, silky feet, void of callouses and discoloured skin.

Inside the box you'll find a large foil packet that holds your two booties.

The directions are really simple to follow, simply wash and dry your feet, cut the booties open at the top and place your feet inside them, there is a little sticky tab that will help to keep them on your feet, you just pull the top of the bootie snug around your ankle and stick it down, it has good grip so no need to worry about it coming undone.

You leave the booties on for 45 minutes to an hour, I went with an hour because I was enjoying the down time, afterwards you rinse the formula off your feet, dry them and begin the waiting process.

A few quick things I want to mention (before we get on to the dead skin photos) is that you have to keep your feet in a flat position while the booties are on, this ensures that the fluid covers all of the foot and doesn't pool in one area. Walking in them is quite difficult, put slippers or socks on over the top before you try to walk around the house and most importantly, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Hydrating the skin will aid in a better peel so soak those feet and slather on the moisturiser as often as possible!

I didn't notice peeling until around day 3 or 4 and it was just after I got out of the shower that I noticed I had big sheets of skin hanging off my feet.

The intensity of the peeling continued for about a week, and after each shower more and more skin would lift off my feet, about 12 days after applying the booties the peeling slowed down and it was fully complete after about day 15-16.

The peeling is certainly gross but ultimately this is what makes the product effective, I found my feet were softer but I also felt like the callouses started to reform again after about a week but let's be real, we walk on our feet every single day, it's the natural defense mechanism of our feet so I'm not surprised that the results were short lived. In saying that I have found that the tougher spots of my feet aren't really as tough as they use to be, so I would say these are quite effective but may need multiple applications for perfect results.

I also have to add that the peeling was so intense at it's peak that I quickly learnt to gently wipe off the excess skin while I was in the shower, not peeling it off, but actually wiping it off with my hand while rinsing my feet, when I didn't do this I left little sheets of skin on my carpet during the walk from the shower to my bedroom. My house is often a mess but that's taking it a little too far.

Personally, I'm a fan. I felt like it was effective in making my feet peel and did leave me with softer feet but I also think I could have done with another application perhaps a month later, now that we are having warmer weather though I'm not going to be using this product, I wear thongs and sandals, I'm not about to be walking around with skin flaps hanging off my feet for the whole of Melbourne to see.

If you're curious about the product you'll probably enjoy the experience but I really think this needs to be a consistent treatment that you use at least every few months for stand out results.

Milky Foot is available at Priceline for $31.99

Have you tried Milky Foot? If so let me know your thoughts!

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