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Empty! September 2015

12 October 2015
My stash is dwindling. I still have a few problem areas (mostly moisturisers, serums and masks) but I'm otherwise quite happy with the damage I've done so far this year. I'm quite excited to do my inventory in December and see how my numbers have changed!

 Starting with face stuff..

Vitamin C Mask Sheet - Standard sheet mask, nothing exciting to see, wouldn't buy another or recommend them.
Repurchase? No.

Puretopia Smooth & Renew Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub - I don't mind this, the scrub particles are nice and fine and it leaves my skin feeling fairly smooth. This one disappeared quickly and I discovered mum had been using it, I asked if she liked it and wanted to keep using it, her reply led me to put the second tube I owned in the bathroom.
Repurchase? I would consider it, I have quite a few that I'm keen to try out so it probably won't be for quite a while.

Linzy Pore Care Egg Soap - Two little egg shaped facial soaps, I'm not a fan of facial soaps and these are quite drying so I've been using these to wash my hands. They aren't quite finished yet but I'm not holding on to the packaging for another month.
Repurchase? No.

Benefit Puff Off (Review) - I didn't mind this, I liked the cooling effect and although it had some pretty cool ingredients in it I didn't find it to actually be super effective at dealing with dark circles and puffiness.
Repurchase? No.

Lancome Bi-Facil - The more I use this the more I dislike it, I just find it takes forever to remove my eye makeup, or maybe I just wear to much eye makeup (definitely not).
Repurchase? No.

Mecca Cosmetica Blending Sponge - I think this is technically meant to be a contouring sponge but either way I hate it.
Repurchase? No.

Bhave Rescue Intense Repair Shampoo (Review) - Quite liked this, it's hydrating, leaves the hair soft and I had great results when I just allowed it to air dry which was quite handy because I'm lazy and don't like blow drying.
Repurchase? Probably wouldn't chase it down to repurchase, I'd be more inclined to buy my HG's or try something new if my budget was tight.

Redken Extreme Shampoo - Didn't like it, left my hair feeling like straw (it doesn't need any help for that).
Repurchase? No.

The O Amplify Spray - Brilliant stuff, gives nice root lift without being over the top or leaving the hair feeling dry or crunchy.
Repurchase? Absolutely.

Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care - Last one. Finally.
Repurchase? Never.

Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub - Beautiful citrus-y scent but pretty basic exfoliator, doesn't have anything going for it that wows me.
Repurchase? Not likely, I wouldn't rule it out but you won't see me running to the shops for multiples.

Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena & Lavender Hand Cream - Lovely scent, the verbena makes the lavender not so offensive and it's very hydrating without being greasy.
Repurchase? Will likely buy more C&E hand creams in the future.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Shower Cream - If you watched the video, I can confirm that they do indeed still sell this, it's lovely, the texture is thick and creamy and gives a nice hydrating lather. the smell is also really nutty and rich.
Repurchase? Sure would.

Natio Body Cream - I dunno. I don't even remember using this.. Where did you come from mystery moisturiser?
Repurchase? Not memorable enough!

Derma Sukin Daily Gentle Wash - Can be used on the face and body, I opted to use it as a body wash, wasn't really a fan because I love a good foam on the body but it did leave me feeling clean.
Repurchase? No

L'eau D'Issey Shower Gel -  I really don't like this scent anymore. Just had this last teeny tiny item to finish off. Victory.
Repurchase? No.

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamont Shower Gel - LOVE the formula, not a great fan of the scent. A little goes a long way with these.
Repurchase? I likely would try some other scents.

Rexona Clinical Deodorant Everyday Fresh - Smells like old ladies and babies. If it wasn't so effective I would give it the ass.
Repurchase? Yes.

Beauty By Zazie Nail Polish Remover - This is the only nail polish remover I buy now, inexpensive and effective. You can find it at Chemist Warehouse.
Repurchase? Yes.

Exfoliating Gloves - I know I picked these up at Chemist Warehouse but I don't know what the brand was, I do know they were very cheap though and I really liked these.
Repurchase? Yes, absolutely.

Beautiful Nails Isopropyl Alcohol 100% - My spot brush cleanser. I like to use 100% after each use because it removes product buildup really well so each time I use it the brush is free of any old product, after a week it goes in to the pile to be washed.
Repurchase? Already have.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor - Takes the hair off my legs and leaves the skin where it belongs. These are the two most important features of a razor for me.
Repurchase? No, I still prefer the men's line.

Oral B Flexi Soft Toothbrush Cartridges - Good enough, they clean my teeth and that's all I care about.
Repurchase? Yup probably.

iDontix X-Floss Lite - Just a single use sample, I've concluded that I don't love these and prefer to stick with the caredent eezi flossers.
Repurchase? No.

Coles Cotton Wool Balls - Not my favourites but they do the job.
Repurchase? If I can't find the giant baby ones then yes.

Coles Makeup Remover Pads - I have yet to find makeup remover pads that are comparable quality for the same or better price.
Repurchase? Yes.

Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis Scented Mini Candle - For the $$$$$$$$$ (no, that's not an exaggeration), these are not worth it. The big ones may well have better scent throw but these little ones aren't great.
Repurchase? No

Caredent Eezi Flossers - Eezi flossers, the name says it all. I like 'em.
Repurchase? Yes.

The not quite empties..

Cedel Blow Dry Faster Heat Protector- This works. Really works. If you have healthy hair with no dryness issues you will likely love this. This was legit cutting my blow dry time by about half. Unfortunately it doesn't play well with dry hair. I've recently had a Snaplex treatment so I might pump my hair full of hydration and try it once more to see if I can make it work but it'll likely be passed on to a friend.

Honest Clinic Black Hole Spot - This is really close to being finished but it seems to have lost it's effectiveness on me, this is quite common for me so I try to keep my spot treatments on rotation so nothing is used for more than a few applications in a row. I tried to pump this one out and of course, it's no longer doing it's thing. I won't be able to use this for another 6 months or so and by then it would have gone bad so I'll either toss this or see if a friend wants to try it out while it's still good for use.

Invisible Zinc Day Tinted Daywear Medium SPF 30+ - This stuff is horrible, greasy, orange, heavy, doesn't set, coverage is crap. I will absolutely not use this.

Lancome UV Expert SPF 50 PA +++ - Crappy coverage, doesn't set, heavy... Usually we bust out this stuff out in summer, what makes companies think we want heavy, wet feeling shit on our faces? I can produce that myself, it's called sweat.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Liner - Old, Old, Old. time to say goodbye.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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