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Schwarzkopf - Live Colour Pastels By Ultra Brights

23 September 2015
If you're familliar with my blog, YouTube chanel or me as a person you will know that I like to play with pastel colours in my hair so it will come to no surprise that I was keen to test out the scwarkzopf Live Colour Pastels By Ultra Brights.

I picked up two of each box just to be on the safe side because less is not more when it comes to the amount of product you need to get an effective and even hair colour application at home.

It was a no brainer to take home each colour available in the range, I've had multi-coloured pastel hair countless times so I wasn't afraid to go there again.

The product claims: "Create Stunning Pastel Tones In 2 Minutes. No Ammonia. Glossy Vivid Shine"

Inside the box you'll find a sachet of hair colour, an information leaflet and a pair of plastic gloves.

The product it's self has a chemical scent to it, if you've ever used a Schwazkopf live colour you'll know the one I'm talking about, it's universal over these products and while it's not extremely unpleasant you will be able to smell it after you wash the colour out but it does fade within about 12 hours.

Let's start with the blue.. This is what I consider a true pastel blue, it's got enough depth to be a true colour but it's got the right softness of a pastel.

The pink is also quite good, it'll pass for a pastel but I personally think it has slightly too much colour depth to be spot on, it's slightly too vibrant.

The purple on the other hand isn't a pastel, it's way too vibrant which I wasn't really surprised about. Purple is the most difficult pastel colour to achieve, it's a fine line between pastel purple and purple toner so for this product to be on the market it makes sense that it has extra pigment and colour depth to actually dye the hair (which is what people who purchase this product will be looking for) rather than tone it to white or silver/grey.

Schwarzkopf claim you should get 6-8 washes out of this product but I noticed major fade by wash 3. The blue was passable but leaning on the side of a silvery blue, the pink had faded to a dusty grey and the purple was still clearly purple but definitely not a pastel, the colour was still too vibrant and dark.

By wash 8 the colour was a bit of a mess, very faded and boring and I was so desperate to do something (anything) to my hair, but that damn purple held on for dear life.

Overall I think these are an ok way to play with colour at home, especially if it's a once off thing but repeat applications will prove costly .

If you have long hair like mine you're probably going to need 3-4 boxes, check out the video for reference and adjust accordingly.

Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastels By Ultra Bright retail for $5.49AUD at Priceline stores nationwide.

What is the most daring colour you have ever put in your hair?

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