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Blinc - Shadow Fusion Neutral Palette

18 September 2015
A (not so) recent purchase of mine was the Blinc Shadow Fusion Neutral Palette. I picked this up not because I needed it, but because I wanted it and I was able to get a very good industry discount, this lead to me owning a palette that had as many pros as it had cons.

The Blinc Shadow Fusion Neutral Palette holds 10 shadows, four 1.6 gram pans and six 1.1 gram pans. It also comes with a double ended brush and a look leflet.

Let me start off with the packaging, the palette is a metal case that has a lot of weight to it, it feels expensive until you open it up and it starts to make jiggly noises when you move it, the hinges also feel quite flimsy which results in packaging that has a lot of potential but falls more in the cheap and nasty basket. It does have a generous mirror though which could be handy while your travelling but since the magnetic closure is more on the weak and floppy side rather than the 'we need the jaws of life' side I wouldn't sit on the fence when it came to recommending that this would not be good to travel with.

The brush it comes with is also a fail for me but this relates totally to personal preference. I hate dual ended brushes because they don't work well with my preferred way of storing my brushes, since mine are stored in an upright position one end is always going to take prolonged damage when it's not in use.

Flat Shader End

Fluffy Blending End
The brush is otherwise not too bad to work with, one end is a flat shader and the other a fluffy blender, they have a good ratio of stiffness vs softness which makes them quite effective but it's not a brush I would purchase on it's own, even if they were single brushes and not double ended, I don't find them to have anything awesome going on that makes them a standout. The blending end is mostly all fail, I have no time for hard 'blending' brushes, I'd like to keep my eyelid on my face and not slowly rip it to shreds. Thanks.

Alright, let's get down to the business end of this palette, the shadows.

On the left side of the palette we have two large pearl shades in Hyaline and Cinnabar followed by three small mattes in Moonstone, Obsidian and Gypsum and finally a small pearl pan in Graphite.

On the right is another two small matte pans in Citrine and Terra and finally two large pearl pans in Sienna and Amber.

Let's look at some swatches:

Hyaline - This looks quite pink in the pan but translates on the skin much lighter, it's a cool, light toned pearl pink that is a step away from a pastel, texture is buttery and pigment is great.

Cinnabar - This Swatches well but has a slight powdery excess to it so tapping off your brush is important, it's a cool, dark brown with a slight pearl finish.

Moonstone - A warm, matte, light taupe-y brown, pigment is great and it's an all rounder that you could use for a colour wash, smokey eye or to help warm up a crease.

Obsidian - Matte black and totally disappointing like so many black shadows are.

Gypsum - Cool, matte, pink based highlight, great pigmentation.

Graphite - I really love this shade and the name is so fitting, this actually looks like graphite, it has a full pearl finish, great pigmentation and the consistency is nice and buttery.

Citrine - Warm, matte, yellow toned highlight, pigmentation is good.

Terra - Warm, milk chocolate matte brown, good pigmentation.

Sienna - The tone of this is hard to pick, I'm going to lean towards neutral since the base colour has a yellow undertone but the pear finish offers a pink tinge, this is kind of a mauve-ish chocolate brown, colour is really pretty, pigment is great but it can be slightly powdery.

Amber - Yellow gold with a pearl finish, buttery texture and pigment for days. Really stunning.

Overall the shadows are great but they do pose a problem.. These shadows are crazy long wearing, they don't crease or fade and will hold their intensity for longer than you can stay awake but once you get them on the eye blending becomes a problem because they do NOT want to move, this can be prevented if you set the eye completely before applying the shadows but you generally loose a little colour intensity when you do that. If you end up with fall out, which is very possible with some of the darker pearls in the palette you will have a hard time moving it without ruining your base so do your eyes first or use a tissue or shadow shield to protect your work!

Blinc also claim that these shadows are anti-ageing. Poppycock.

The palette does contains a look leaflet. Waste of beautiful trees.

You'll be limited with the types of looks you can create with this palette because as the name suggests, it's all about the neutrals, amber and graphite help to make it a day to night palette though so I'll give it that. Blending might stress you out with this palette and the brush is mostly a flop for me, the packaging is bulky, heavy and feels flimsy, toss in a weak magnetic closure and I certainly don't think it's travel friendly as I mentioned before.

While the shadows in this palette pack a punch, it's not going to be for everyone, I'm glad I have it and I do use it but having said that, I was able to get an industry discount on it so it has more of a bargain feel for me, I do think it's worth it's RRP though considering the intensity and colour longevity of the shadows, you're just going to have to exercise a little patience with the blending.

I'd recommend dropping in to your local David Jones to swatch if you're interested.

The Blinc Shdow Fusion Neutral Palette retails for $69.50AUD at David Jones and is currently on sale for $50.00AUD (not far off what I paid for it, good time to buy if you're interested).

Have you tried any Blinc products? If so let me know all about it in the comments!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. I've found a lot of palettes to not have great pigmentation with their matte shades but this palette looks lovely in pigmentation, shame it doesnt blend out well!