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The Body Shop - Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

25 August 2015
Oh look.. a written review I found in my drafts from early 2015.. I'm so organised!

A new release from The Body Shop is the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, this item was provided for us in the Glamour Affair goody bag and I've had a hell of a lot of fun playing with it recently.

This overnight 'mask' is really just a night cream. Usually an overnight mask is applied over the rest of your skincare, including your night moisturiser but this product doesn't stipulate to use it that way and I do wonder if that was lost in translation at some point.

So what does it do? The mask essentially creates a 'second skin' type barrier over your face, locking in all the good stuff from the rest of your skincare routine while also using Edelweiss plant stem cells to do some pretty cool shit to your skin. Plant stem cells are a really interesting ingredient because they are essentially immortal, they have the ability to regenerate themselves constantly and get along really damn well with our own cells, making them a clever ingredient in beauty products because they don't loose their potency over time.

I don't want to turn this in to a sciene lesson so I'm just gonna break it down real simple, the Edelweiss stem cells are anti-oxidant powerhouses, can protect cells and also prevents collagen from breaking down. Essentially they have a little pep talk with our own cells and this helps them to be re-stimulated and live longer and happier little stem cell lives because they now have their wing man (wing cells?) backing them up.

Alright, now you know why it's good and why it works let's talk about the cream it's self.

This stuff is actually 'bouncy' if you touch it, it will act like a memory foam of sorts, dipping in where you applied pressure and then slowly returning to it's original shape. Picking up the cream with your fingers will either drive you bat shit crazy or give you countless hours of childlike delight, thankfully they include a small spoon to make accessing the product easier and this also addresses hygiene issues that people may have with using creams from a jar.

In the jar the cream looks smooth and inviting...
Mushing it up with the spoon gives it a different texture but if you wait a minute..
The cream will settle back down. So much fun!
The cream is kind of like a jelly and once it's worked in to the skin it transforms in to a cream gel, it has a fresh and almost floral scent but it's so subtle that I struggle to define what I'm actually smelling, it's not offensive and I can never smell it once it's on my skin

Many aspects of this product, the texture, the spoon, the jar packaging, the 'overnight mask', feel Korean inspired to me which makes me like it even more, what we have here is a fun little cream that harnesses the power of a great ingredient that will actually do shit to help ageing skin so if you're worried about those fine lines that are starting to develop take a trip down to The Body Shop and check it out.

Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask retails for $44.95 and is available at The Body Shop in store and online.

What is your all time favourite Body Shop product?

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