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Tag - Me Time

16 July 2015
I was tagged by the gorgeous Angelique of AnjeliqueTV to do the Me Time Tag!

If you aren't familiar with Anjelique you can check out her YouTube account here, and her blog here.

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1 comment on "Tag - Me Time"
  1. My me time is generally spent watching youtube, reading blogs and writing blog posts. Online shopping when I am feeling like a quick pick-me-up. I also love to read. Have you read any Ken Follet books? I love Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, both period type books with history correct info, but with mostly fictional characters. Currently reading his book Winter of the World, about the Cold War and events surrounding it. I'm also a tv show junkie, watching Hart of Dixie of late, after finishing Homeland. So so many to watch, tho. Yet to watch Game of Thrones, it's waiting for me on my hard drive, lol.