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Maybelline - Lash Sensational Mascara and Hyper Sharp Wing Liner

11 July 2015
I was recently sent the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and Hyper Sharp Wing Liner to trial by Beauty Heaven and I think they are worth an in-depth review.

If you prefer to watch...

The liner stands out from the crowd by giving you the option to create a thin line or a thick line, the packaging makes it look like there is some special twist mechanism that changes the brush but in reality all you do is simply turn the pen so it rests on the thick flat side or the thin edge.

The formula is a liquid and quite black so it ticks the pigmentation box but it just goes down hill from there. The formula doesn't dry completely matte, it has a slight sheen to it and the longevity isn't great, it gets me through the day but I'm very aware that any eye touching can lead to major makeup disasters throughout the day. If you don't have oily eyelids like me though, you may find that longevity problems are less of an issue for you.

The packaging aesthetics is the big win for me, I'm in love with the metallic pink detailing!

The mascara offers a dual sided wand, one side is concave and has a single comb consisting of a bunch of short, closely spaced teeth (anyone else feel awkward hearing the word teeth when I'm talking about a product used near the eye?..), this part of the wand is used to thicken the base of the lashes, creating the appearance of thick, densely packed lashes at the lash line.

The other side of the wand is a curved edge consisting of multiple combs with teeth that graduate in size, the idea is to use this side of the wand to brush through the lengths of your lashes, promoting length and volume while fanning the lashes for that fluttery lash look.

This mascara isn't waterproof so if that's a deal breaker for you, I recommend looking elsewhere (Edit: They sell a waterproof version!). If you have oily eyelids you'll likely want to make sure the upper eyelid area is set well with translucent powder or eye shadow because lash mark transfer does happen with this mascara, if I set the area well though it's not an issue.

In conclusion I really love the mascara and if I was in a position to need to buy a new mascara (not going to be a thing for at least another year), I would absolutely buy this mascara. As for the liner it's definitely not going to be one I buy, I like it enough to use it and I'm reaching for it everyday but if I'm spending money on a product like this I want more longevity in regards to wear time and I prefer a matte finish.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is available from Chemist Warehouse for $11.99 (promotional price)
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing Liner is available from Chemist Warehouse for $11,99 (promotional price)

Have you tried either of these products? If so let me know in the comments.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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