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Clinique - Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

28 July 2015
I only disovered that 'overnight masks' were a thing about a year or so ago and my first thoughts were 'why the fuck would you wear a mask overnight? Imagine the mess it would make!'

Then I realised an overnight mask is just a fancy night cream... Most of the time.

The Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask came in to my collection via my Beauty Heaven BIB prize pack, I never bothered with using it, to be honest most Clinique skin care doesn't excite me all that much but I figured I'd bust it out and do a review.

The packaging is a pink and silver squeezy tube that holds 100ml of product, it's functional and I'll make no secret of the fact that I'm glad it's not in a jar

The cream is pale pink in colour, smells of classic Clinique and is fairly thick but easy to smooth over the skin. Since it's meant to be a hydrating and moisturising treatment it doesn't absorb super quickly, but I find the residue it leaves is something that you want on super dry skin and it's not sticky or so greasy that I want to wash my face or find it uncomfortable to wear.

I said before that Clinique skin care doesn't really excite me and this is no exception, when I look at the ingredients I'm not surprised why I never feel the need to reach for this, straight up we have water (standard), glycerin (great for hydrating), cetyl alcohol (emollient), dimethicone (silicone) and then glyceryl polymethacrylate (film forming agent) and finally shea butter. If I keep typing out the ingredients I'd eventually get to mango seed butter, algae extract, olive extract and some other nice moisturising and soothing ingredients but what it all really comes down to is whether the product is worth it's $47AUD price tag. My opinion is no.

This cream has the right stuff to help dry skin but it's really quite basic, simply layering your night creams will likely have the same effect (if you're using the right creams for your skin type) and if you're dry you also have the option of applying your cream after you wash your face and then every hour or so before you actually go to bed, if we start tossing in things like Rosehip oil you'll find you're not only adding extra hydration but also healing damaged skin and preventing the signs of aging.

Personally I'd skip this product, it's not essential even if you need an insurance policy to protect you from your dry-as-the-Sahara skin. My advice would be to ensure your night cream has a generous dose of hyaluronic acid along with other standard hydrating ingredients and invest in a good quality Rosehip oil and don't be afraid to reapply a few times before bed.

Have you tried the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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