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February/March 2015 Beauty Basket Conclusion.

1 April 2015
In Feb I started a bi-monthly beauty basket series which will run until the end of the year, if you would like to check out the feb/march intro post you can find it here.

If you prefer to watch rather than read..

I'm going to start off with the items that I finished over the last two months.

Sheet masks: Sally's Box Delight Panthenol Hydrogel, Innisfree It's Real Mugwort, Dermal Vegetable Placenta, Pure Smile Pearl Essence & Benton Snail Bee High Content.

None of these wow'd me enough to warrant a repurchase and some I have backups of anyway.

Glam Glow Brightmud - Does nothing for me, so not impressed.

Manuka Doctor Rejuvenating Face Mask - I got many uses out of this little sample and while it was nice, it didn't do anything special so I wouldn't repurchase.

Apivita Express Beauty Mask With Carrot - Again, an ok mask but nothing special.

TonyMoly I'm Real Tea Tree, Lemon & Aloe - Nice light face moisturisers, would consider purchasing in the future.

Palmer's Skin Success Face Lift Serum - Ehh did nothing.

White Glo Extreme Whitening Strips - Love these, instantly visual results, going to see if I can still purchase them.

Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water-full Cream - Smelled lovely and was a nice cream, I'd consider purchasing more Missha in the future

Clairol Colour Radiance Shampoo - Hate this, it's so drying, I'll never buy it and will avoid Clairol like zombies.

Dr. Lewinn's Day Cream Moisturiser - Very moisturising but beyond that it's boring as fuck.

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream - I still have pores and lines so I'd say this sucked.

Edward Beale Moroccan Gloss Argan Oil Leave In Treatment - HORRIBLE!!

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub - Boring and smelly.

Schwarzkopf Dry Oil Mist Smooth & Shine - I really like this but it's not suitable for bleached hair, if it hasn't been discontinued by the time my hair grows out I will repurchase.

Aveda Invati Conditioner - Ugh, it stinks and it's crap. where is that thick hair it promises?

Dirty Works Coconut Body Butter - The formula of this is really nice but I'm not in to the fake cocnut scent.

Indeed Labs Eysilix - Hated it!

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Colour - Waste of space crap.

Enesti Aple & Honey Hand Cream - So nice and had the most amazing scent, would definitely repurchase, if I'm low on hand creams next time I mke a Korean order I'll grab one of these.

White Glo Pen - I didn't feel like this was very effective, wouldn't repurchase.

The next few products are things that I didn't quite finish but made progress on.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion - I've been enjoying this but I'm ready for it to be done, being such a huge bottle it's easy to get tired of! My usage level is a little off because I refilled my spray bottle before taking photos.

Vaseline Total Moisture Dry Skin - This is a nice moisturiser, I've been really enjoying it and I'm pleased with the progress I've made but the more I look at the packaging the more I hate it, it's fucking ugly and doesn't do the actual moisturiser any justice with it's boring, stiff, old fart packaging.

The O Amplifying Spray - I really like this and I've been enjoying using it but since it's been so hot lately I've been avoiding using my hair dryer so I don't have as much progress on this as I'd like.

RPR Protect My Hair Thermal Defence Spray - I can't be sure that this actually helps my hair but it smells lovely so I'll continue to use it.

Estee Lauder ANRII - Again usage level is a little off because I refilled the dropper before taking photos, this is a waste of space for me.

Avon Colour Morphing Top Coat - I feel like this is going to be finished up really quickly because the difference in the actual level and where I marked it for progress is only one application.

Seche Prep - Thought this was pointless, I was so wrong. This increases polish longevity on the nails significantly so I will use it when I know I won't have time to re-do my nails for a few days.

Clever White Whitening Strips - These are so revolting, I'm not even sure if I really will be able to finish them. I've used 18 and have 18 left.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask - I need to try to get excited about this product. Pray for me.

Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pack - Almost there! I'm not really a fan of this so I'll be glad to see it gone.

Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla Macadamia - Pan progress!! This only had a few small dips in it when I started. I'm putting this aside for now because I'm sick of it but will try to come back to it in the future.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive - I started with 9 of these and now have 8, since I was trialing a microdermabrasion kit I didn't want to over do it with exfoliants so I skipped using this, hopefully I'll be able to make some good progress on these in the future though.

Are you working hard to finish off any products?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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