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Too Faced - Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette

26 March 2015
Too Faced has done it again, bringing us a gorgeous palette that smells good enough to eat (I didn't taste this one).

If you'd like to watch my first impressions and a quick look that I put together you can check out this video.

The palette contains 16 shades, 7 mattes, 8 shimmers and a useless glitter bomb.

The palette is very easy on the eye and matches it's predecessor in shape and size (apparently the older Chocolate Bar palettes are slightly thicker), I feel like the semi-sweet should have been the darker of the two though, considering that this looks very much like a milk chocolate bar and the first Chocolate Bar palette looks like a semi-sweet dark chocolate bar but for that to have panned out perfectly they would have had to have forethought that a second palette would be released in the future.

Nit-picking aside about the aesthetics, the palette is stunning and if you loved the first and have a thing for palettes you're likely going to want to add this to your collection.

The shades lean heavily on the warm side and some colours leave a little to be desired, some of them feel a little rushed, like they weren't well thought out before production.

Some colours translate better on the lid than they do swatched and vise versa and some just need a little work to get past that first layer before they perform as well as they should.

Licorice - Matte black with a barely noticeable silver micro shimmer. Nicely pigmented and when the light hits it the silver gives it a really subtle dimension that sets it apart from shimmery or plain matte blacks.

Coconut Creme - Matte cream, not very pigmented but perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner on 'no-makeup' looks.

Cocoa Chili - Warm matte dark brown with gold micro glitter, nice colour pay off and very pretty!

Pink Sugar - Absurd glitter bomb. A few different shades of pink and peach glitter with no actual colour base. It's essentially just a pressed glitter.

Puddin' - Warm matte that is almost a chocolaty taupe, really nice pigmentation.

Rum Raisin - Cool, shimmery medium-dark taupe, colour pay off is really nice.

Mousse - Warm light brown, pigmentation isn't great but makes a really good transition colour.

Caramel - Warm, shimmery caramel gold, buttery, soft, good colour pay off and so pretty.

Nougat - Warm medium peach, pigmentation isn't great and it's almost the same colour as my skin, would make a good blending/transition base.

Truffled - Warm, medium-dark matte brown, good colour pay off.

Hot Fudge - Dark grey-ish brown with maroon micro glitter, very pretty and colour pay off is quite good.

Blueberry Swirl - Dark blue with hints of purple, shimmery but colour pay off is embarrassing.

Peanut Butter - Warm matte terracotta orange, nice pigmentation.

Frosting - Beautiful, warm bronzy brown, pigmentation is beautiful.

Bon Bon - Pinky peach shimmer, great colour pay off.

Butter Pecan - Frosty cream that seems to have a light peach tint to it in the pan but it doesn't translate that way on the skin

Inside the box you'll also find a 'Glamour Guide', a little booklet with some look suggestions.

Overall I do like the palette and I'm glad I purchased it, I would however, recommend swatching all shades before committing to a purchase if you are on the fence because there is quite a bit of room for disappointment here.

The Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette retails for $65AUD and can be purchased at Mecca Maxima and Kit stores or online at Mecca.

Tried the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette? What do you think, hit or miss?

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2 comments on "Too Faced - Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette"
  1. LOVED your video. Great review. Wonderful tutorial, I really hope you do more of these xx

    1. Thank you so much Indie :) I do hope to put together some more looks in the future :)