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Elegant Touch - Express Press-On Instant Manicure

23 February 2015
This is an item found in my Glamour Affair goody bag, although it wasn't sent to me for review I still want you guys to know when I'm reviewing something that I received gratis.

The Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure is a fast and easy way to transform your nails from ehh to amazing, they come in about a million different shades and patterns according to the Elegant Touch website but I we seem to get a more limited selection in our Priceline stores.

The box tells you everything you need to know about application, it's just six basic steps!

Inside the box you'll find a plastic case that holds 24 nails, any unused nails can be sealed back up and either given to a friend or filed down to size for another round of wear.

You'll also receive a nail file, nail prep wipe and some more in depth instructions and care directions.

You simply choose the nails that are a closest fit for your natural nails, laying them out in order of application.

Peel off the plastic backing..

And apply to your prepped nail, pressing firmly on the center of the nail

And pressing firmly again, on each side of the nail

After 30 minutes you can file the nail tips and get them wet, the instruction leaflet discusses how to get the longest wear time out of the nails, the instruction leaflet claims up to a week of wear so lets see how they did...

Choosing the correct nails for my fingers was fairly easy but while I was applying I notice that the only nail that fits my pinky on my left hand is quite short and I have to actually file my natural nail so it's not poking out from under the press on, there also weren't enough of the size that I needed for most of my fingers, I use the 4 that are a perfect fit and then opt for slightly larger nails on the last two nails that need press-on's.

The base of the nails fit beautifully above my cuticles except on my thumbs where I have a more squared base to my natural nail so the finished result looks quite fake, I am left wishing that I had the option of flipping these nails around to fix that issue but it's not possible due to the way the adhesive is placed on the press-on.

Finally the press-on's don't always cover the side of my nails properly, where the nail bed meets the nail tip it seems to taper off, I'm not sure if this is due to the press on being too small or just the shape of the press-on/my nails, if I opt for the next size up though the press on digs in to the sides of my nail bed and it's quite uncomfortable. In this instance I feel like my only option is to have the sides of my nails slightly showing near the tip or to have a press on applied that I feel looks too big and obviously fake. It's a bit catch 22.

My first thoughts after they are all applied is that they look a little splayed at the tips which I find to be a little unattractive, I also have some very significant gaps between the natural nail and the fake nail, I think this relates mostly to the adhesive and the fact that some of my nails curve slightly since they are already quite long.

After about an hour I file the tips just to remove the excess plastic where they have been removed from the mould and went about my usual business.

I found them easy to type with and they felt very secure, after reading the instructions I find myself pressing the nails firmly between my fingers to reinforce the bond every so often but they held up really well through daily chores. The next step was showering and I was really worried about this, I wanted the nails to do well but after reading the instructions it was clear that water wasn't really a friend of the press-on nail but I had no issues, they stayed on firmly although I did find that my hair caught in them so I had to be careful and take my time while washing my hair.

So now I have application and first impressions out of the way I will just update this post as required until they start to come off.

Day 3: I'm over the nails, usually at this point I would be changing up the colour on my nails unless I paid to have them done and they were still looking perfect (which is never). I'm over the fake appearance but I'm still keen on the colour, I have decided to buy more grey nail polish. The nails are still going strong, some feel like I could get them off without too much trouble but the press-on that resides on my middle finger on my left hand is stuck on there like it has decided to move in, it's actually one of the best fitting nails too so I have taken to flipping people off so they can admire the prettiest nail of them all.

Day 4: My hair catches in the nails constantly, it's frustrating. Also painful.

Day 5: The nails persist. Wondering if the adhesive has been enchanted with some sort of sorcery, have had acrylics and glue-on's that have come off quicker than this. Feel like there is no end in sight. I will endure.

Day 6: Send help.

Day 6: 6:49pm - We have lift off! I think using my left hand to flip people off has caused my right hand to rebel in jealousy because the nail on my middle finger has lifted off!! I look forward to painting my nails.

All jokes aside I have to say that these press on's are damn impressive and when the instructions are followed they stick on the nails so well and can last through daily chores and manual work. I was initially quite careful with them but as I got tired of wearing them I was a little more careless and I stopped the re-bonding method of pressing the nails throughout the day. If you apply these and you want maximum usage, just reinforce the bonds at least one a day, dry the nails well and wear gloves when doing the dishes, I reckon you could get well over a week of wear out of these.

While I wouldn't apply these often I will definitely use these when my nails break and I have a special occasion that calls for beautiful nails, I'm quite lucky that I can grow my nails so these aren't really a necessary staple product for me but I think these would be so SO perfect for women who struggle to grow their nails or battle with a nail biting habit.

The Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure has impressed me way beyond my expectations, I really did expect at least one nail to come off on day 1 so to get 6 full days wear out of these nails really shocked me and I think the main reason that I got tired of them was because I went in with the assumption that I would only be wearing them for a day or two at the most.

Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure an be purchased at Priceline stores for $14.99AUD.

Would you give press-on nails a go?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. Nah, can't say these appeal to me. Reminds me too much of acrylics, which freak me out.

    I'm like you Hailey, I can grow my nails quite well (since childhood really - I had older girls coming up to me in primary school to admire my nails, I kid you not), although sometimes they like to misbehave & I end up breaking/chipping one before they can grow any longer. *cue bummed out face* Then again, when they behave & grow long enough, I don't keep them at that point because they begin to annoy me & I have to get the clippers out. They're at that annoying point now, but I've just painted them today, so it'll have to wait.