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Beauty Essentials - Tooth Wipes.

17 February 2015
I think almost any woman who has ever carried a purse has, at some stage, purchased or used a disposable toothbrush, the most common ones being the Colgate Wisp. My bestie and I have a bit of a thing for these types of products and will whip them out at the drop of a hat.. Been eating? Let's brush our teeth! Been drinking? Let's brush our teeth! Someone dropped their hat? Let's brush our teeth!

While in Mecca Maxima at Melbourne Central a little while ago I picked up a box of their Beauty Essentials Tooth Wipes, these are quite different from the Colgate Wisps, instead of being a mini brush with a refreshing capsule they are a combination of a finger glove, dry face wipe and minty flavouring. Strange.

The box holds 10 sachets which each contain a single use tooth wipe, you simply tear open the packet, pull out the wipe, place it over your index finger and start doing that tooth brushing action.

The wipes have a very subtle minty flavour and do help to make your teeth feel a little cleaner but they are no toothbrush that's for sure! If we compare these to other pocket tooth brush options their biggest draw back is that it feels like you are just wiping the main surface of the teeth and completely missing the area where the teeth meet each other side by side, which leaves me feeling like I just made myself look like a dickhead with my finger in my mouth for 2 minutes rather than feeling like I accomplished something beneficial and now have cleaner teeth.

The wipes also don't offer enough minty-ness to freshen your breath either so you'll have to use something else to take care of those issues.

Personally I don't think these really hit the mark, I'd prefer to buy a pack of Colgate Wisp and know that I'm getting a semi-ok clean.

Beauty Essentials Tooth Wipes retail for $8.95AUD and an be purchased at Mecca Maxima stores.

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2 comments on "Beauty Essentials - Tooth Wipes."
  1. I wondered what the hell these things were supposed to be, I thought they'd be like an individually wrapped toothpaste flavoured makeup wipe. I certainly wouldn't bother with these either.
    I love your matching nail polish! Was that an accident or are you just really obsessive with your presentation?

    1. Total accident! hahaha, it wasn't until I was editing the photos that I realised how well it worked, might have to try to up my game and always have a matching polish when I'm reviewing a product hahah