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Al'chemy - Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-In Conditioner*

25 February 2015
I received the Al'chemy Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-In Conditioner* as part of the Beauty Heaven Trial Team.

The leave in treatment uses avocado, lavender and jojoba oils along with anthyllis vulneraria extract which are supposed to "moisturise & hydrate the hairs and scalp"

Before I get in to my rant I'm just gonna come right and and say that I don't believe this helps to moisturise (add moisture) but I do believe it helps to hydrate (retain moisture) but I simply don't like how it goes about that process.

Right off the bat this product is crap because it makes my hair seize up, if you're not too sure what I mean by that it's the feeling you get when you put too much product in your hair and it all just kind of sticks together, it's difficult to run a brush through it, it has no movement or body and it basically looks like you never left the 80's and you're still using a whole can of hairspray to set your style each day without washing in between.

It doesn't matter how much product I use, a pea size amount or a malteser sized amount (which is about right for my length and thickness) I get the same results, hair that looks and feels like it needs to be washed again.

What confuses me about this product the most is the Anthyllis Vulneraria extract, I can't for the life of me find a single thing that supports that this is a good product for the hair as a leave in, I found one very vague comment that it was good as a wash out treatment for the hair but otherwise it's used as a kidney ailment treatment, I just feel like it's such a weird ingredient to add in there, like the developers were sitting around and one piped up with "Let's be really cool and use a flower extract that treats kidney problems in our product because, you know, it's natural and shit so it must be good for other stuff, right?" Which totally makes sense because using ingredients that are clearly proven to help dry hair and have a long track record of being successful is just way too mainstream and boring.

It's not all bad though, if I wait about 8 hours after applying it my hair finally starts to feel normal again, so all I have to do is shower 8 hours before I want my hair to look normal again. /sarcasm

I'm not in to this product, it didn't help to moisturise my hair at all but since it coats the hair shaft it is helping to retain the moisture that is currently in there but the combination of the ingredients that coat the hair and the moisture from the hair being wet is what is making the hair feel so crappy, I get that companies want to appeal to those who are in to natural products and I'm all for getting closer to nature too but at the end of the day when I'm spending my money on a leave in product I want to notice the benefits straight away, not 8 hours after I apply it. I also want to be able to brush my hair without fear of it tangling and most importantly I want my hair to look good after I use it not look like I need to wash it again.

I will likely use this as a pre-wash treatment but it won't be going in my hair again after it's been washed.

Has a hair product disappointed you recently?

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