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Project Pan 2015 - Yes, Again.

18 January 2015
Yes, you read that right, another Project Pan from me.

I'm doing things a little differently this year, there will be no spending ban/limited spending because I have proven that not buying beauty products is like brain surgery for me, I just can't do that shit. Instead I have gathered a bunch of makeup products that I want to finish off and when they are finally empty I will be able to purchase the reward I have allocated to them, most of the 'rewards' are luxury items, things I certainly don't need but would really like to own. Realistically there is nothing stopping me from just going out and buying every single one right now but I quite like working my way through products, I find it easy to do with skincare but finishing makeup is really tough for me, I'm constantly flipping between products and a lot of items just get pushed aside so I went through my current stash of open makeup items, tossed out a few old ones and gathered up things that I've had for ages but are still viable and the goal is to finish that shit up!

I also gathered up a few perfumes that have been neglected, all samples (I have a million of them) and when I make my way through them I will allow myself to buy a full size bottle of something that I've been lusting after.

First up are base products, the Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation is amazing and I'll probably buy this again when it's empty but I chose this because it's the only foundation that I own that actually matches my skin tone at the moment, the others in my stash are too light, problem is that it's really not suitable for me in summer because my skin is too oily, this is a good winter foundation for me but the shade is all wrong so I'd like to use it up and repurchase it in a lighter shade for winter.

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is another one that I love and I might buy another one of these too but I go through phases of pushing it aside and falling in love again so I'd like to finish this off and perhaps tackle some other concealers first.

Benefit Erase Paste is really a great product and I'm not sure why but I treat this the same way as the Maybelline concealer, I fall in love and then push it away (sounds like a healthy relationship I have with my makeup right). This is only a sample size so I should be able to finish this off, I would buy it again but I think a full size pot would be wasted on me.

And finally Benefit Porefessional, I actually think I hate this primer, I used it for quite a long time but if I'm perfectly honest I don't think it does shit all. I need to finish it and decide what to do with my unopened backup.

Once all of these items are empty I'm going to treat myself to a Chanel Foundation.

Ok, in this palette I have a bunch of Sugar Baby shadows and powders and over on the far left is a mini Benefit Hoola.

The shadows in this palette were major favourites of mine once upon a time but they have been neglected for a damn long time. I've started using the shadows again and I'm not loving them so much any more, there are even a few that I absolutely despise but I think I just resent them because I have some beautiful new palettes that I received over Christmas that I'd much prefer to play with, at the end of the day though these are perfectly good and usable so I want to use them up, some I will be happy to just hit pan on, the one in the top right corner is quite orange and not what I would consider very wearable on me so just pan will be ok on that one and the large square one is also 'just a little pan' item because I find it difficult to incorporate in to my routine other than using it as a highlight and even then I hate the bastard thing, I'm not making any promises on that one.

As for the mini Hoola pan I'm not actually trying to finish that, I love Hoola, I'll likely always have it in my collection, I have an unopened backup and I like it that way. I've slowed down on the bronzer use over the last few months because I don't think it's necessary unless I'm going to be around a camera but I kept it in there just because that is it's home and seeing if I an hit pan even with my minimal use will be interesting.

And my last shadow is MAC Brule, this is my perfect neutral shadow and I will absolutely repurchase it when it's done but I'll be buying it in a pan instead of the single pot, when I purchased this I didn't have a MAC palette for my personal collection and figured I'd just depot it when I decided to finally buy one, then I destroyed a few MAC shadows while trying to depot and wasn't willing to risk it when it came to this particular one. I'm more than half way through this so this will be easy to finish off.

When I've finished off these shadows (or hit pan where applicable), I'm going to buy Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 because I want them and this will help me justify the purchase.

Ahh mascara, I have so many unopened and if I'm really honest, these should all be thrown in the bin because they have been open for more than 3 months (except the Blinc) but they aren't giving me problems so I'm going to try to get as much use out of them as I can before they go in the bin.

The Givenchy Phenomen'eyes is a fucking shit mascara that requires a shit tonne of effort for very little pay off but the bastard thing was expensive so I have to use it.

Model Co. Fat Lash is also pretty shit but requires at least a small amount of use before I toss it.

The Clinique High Impact Mascara is ok, it's a sample size and I believe is almost empty because I've been using it daily for quite a while.

The Blinc Tube Mascara is recently opened and teeny tiny, I love tube formula mascaras but this is probably one of the shittier ones that I've tried, it doesn't do a whole lot when it comes to length or volume and that's a big downside for me, I reckon I'll be able to finish this quite quickly.

I'm going to buy the Lorac Pro 1 & 2 for finishing off these crappy mascaras, yes more palettes I know, but these are the items I'm lusting after most at the moment.

Urban Decay Primer Potion isn't something I ever really fell in love with, eye shadow primers in general don't really excite me so I'm going to try to use this up and be done with it.

My Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is almost as old as I am but it's still going strong so I'm going to use the damn thing up, I'm more than half way through this so hopefully if I put in the effort I can get rid of it soon.

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude is just not cool, I don't like it, it wears off my waterline after a very short period and an oil cleanser melted the outside plastic layer so it's manky as fuck. I want it gone but it's still a perfectly good product so I'm going to try to use it up. Best thing about pencil liners is that I sharpen them with every use for hygiene purposes so if I'm not lazy as fuck when it comes to actually using this product it shouldn't take me long to use it.

Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in Slate Writer is nice enough but I'm kind of over it, if I'm going to wear an eye liner I like it to be black so I'm going to attempt to use this and not hate it too much so I can get on with my love of black liners.

Tony Moly 7 Day Tattoo Eyebrow (review) is fucking awesome, I love it and I want to finish it before it dries up. I will probably repurchase this or a similar product.

Australis Tint My Brow is another one I really like but I'd like to use it up so I can try some new brow products.

Mt reward for finishing these are some Anastasia Brow Products and a MAC Fluid Line.

Momma Blush and Bronzer samples, I hate these. I just hate them. They have to go.

Illamasqua Cream Blushes are so fucking nice but I've had this one for quite some time, these types of blushes are better for the colder months I reckon but it'll likely take me the whole year to get through it anyway so I'm getting started now.

I don't have a set reward for these, I don't really need any more blushes, I have 18 and 2 palettes as it is but I'm sure I'll be able to find something that I want to take their place soon enough.

After doing my collection inventory for 2015 I realised that I have a lipstick and lipgloss problem, I can't really understand how it got so out of control, I have a fucking life time supply of the damn things. I did count up what was in my freelancing kit too so that bulked it out majorly but at the end of the day I still have a lot of fucking products that I don't like using. The lip product domination needs to be controlled.

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple, this is the only Lip Butter I own and I'm not really sure why, I actually really like the formula and it doesn't wear funny or dry out my lips but it is getting old and I'd like to use as much as I can before it gets that tell-tale old smell that lip products get when they go bad. Not sure that I'll be able to finish it all up but I'm going to work hard on this.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry, another one that is nice but getting old, will do my best on this one.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Flirty Honey, I love these, I had one in Black Honey as well but it disappeared a long time ago, I'm dead set surprised that this doesn't smell bad yet but I'm actually quite pleased because I've enjoyed rekindling our little love affair.

Napoleon Perdis Undercover Red Lipgloss, this was the only old lipgloss that I could bring myself to use, not because the rest have gone bad (I've done the purge already) but because I just fucking hate Western lipgloss, I'm not sure what makes a Korean or Japanese lipgloss so different from the stuff we have on our shelves but the difference is night and day for me. I'm going to do my best with this, it's not very old so if I make an effort I should see progress with this.

I'm going to buy a Tom Ford Lipstick and repurchase Black Honey when I'm done with these, I'd also like to try a Nars Audacious Lipstick and a Shanghai Suzy but they can be rewards for round 2 and 3.

And finally perfumes..

Yes, they are all minis but that is where my collection is out of control so they are being tackled first.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is a major favourite of mine and I'll probably repurchase it to be honest, it's my go to fragrance and I usually keep it in my bag.

Burberry Brit (I believe it's Burberry Brit at least..) is nice but I'm fucking sick of mini's with no spray cap or roller tips, I think I'll have to buy a Travalo to actually use up my mini collection because I just don't have the patience.

Miss Dior Cherie.. Ahh such a beautiful perfume that smells like shit on me, or maybe I just don't like it and the name is making me think I do, another one that needs to go in to a Travalo so I don't throw it at the wall.

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude has been in my collection for what feels like forever, this one has a spray nozzle so I used it the other day after deciding my Project Pan items and I realised I absolutely love this! My skin really pulls the vanilla notes in this which is probably the only thing that makes me enjoy it. Will be easy to use up.

And finally, Madly Kenzo by Kenzo. I use to love this and had a full size bottle but I think I loved it a little too hard and now it makes me want to vomit. Actually it gives me migraines if I wear too much of it so I just have to take this one slow.

I'm going to buy an Escada perfume once these are gone, there are a couple I want so I'm not sure which I'll get but as I go through more of my samples I'll likely just buy all the ones I want. Really my issue with perfumes is in the sample and mini bottles, if I can use some up I will be left with a very modest collection but the damn things are so cute! It hurts me to use them beause once they are empty they will just be dust colletors.

Then next few photos show what I have left of eah product, I have marked them where apropriate, some are almost done, some are going to take me forever to finish.

I'm not trying to use up the Lanome Genefique Yeux, it's just a guide to show progress.

The list. Lists help me to stay focused.

So I pulled all of these products out a few days after the New Year and I've been using them quite regularly, so far I don't want to set anything on fire and more importantly I haven't purchased any makeup or skin care products (but I have had online orders arrive so perhaps that's why I'm not jonesing for a shopping trip..) I'm not going to stop myself from buying anything if I'm desperate to own it or want to blog about it, I'm just going to make a conscious effort to use up the shit in this post.

Are you Project Panning anything this year?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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6 comments on "Project Pan 2015 - Yes, Again."
  1. I love your Project Pan version. I really should do something similar. I find them so rewarding! Gosh, good luck with using up the eye shadows and that blush, they seem like never ending products sometimes. I'm in the middle of posting "Stocktake" posts of my makeup collection, I hope you post on yours :) Oh, and good luck with your Project Pan, looking forward to updates!

    1. I am dead set frightened of the blush and the eye shadows, I really think they would take me about 2 years to use up with my usual amount of use but I have been trying to incorporate more products in to my routine to help make a dent in them. Instead of doing my makeup the way I would for normal wear I'm using a lot of tricks that I would for photography or bridal makeup which means getting more use out of these items so hopefully 95% of this stuff will be gone by the end of the year.

      I wasn't going to post about my beauty inventory, I wasn't sure if people would want to see it but it seems like I'm not the only one who likes to see posts like that so I think I will do it, I've done most of the hard work, I'd just have to take some photos.

      If you decide to do a makeup project pan I must recommend that you choose products that are almost finished or you love but are getting old, I chose some I didn't like so much and I'm already so over using them hahaha.

  2. You've inspired me to clear out my stash! I have so many products stacking up and like you some of my favourite products just end up being pushed aside so I think I'm going to get rid of everything I dont like/use and start using up the products I do like (as I dont think I could go through what you're doing and use up the disliked products!)

  3. I'm doing a Project Pan of sorts with my ever growing nail polish collection - have just bought 3 more from Butter London recently (including 1 I had previously but threw out for some unknown reason), but I'm holding off on opening them until I've finished at least 1 of my Orly mini bottles that I've had for about 2 years & haven't used as much as I should. If I don't get rid of them quickly, I have a Plan B for those & some other polishes I don't like due to the formula or whatever - thinking about buying a canvas & doing some kind of splatter art with them.

    Also planning on finishing up a whole host of other products as well at some stage this year, e.g. my fave Bite Beauty lippy (Rose - it's close to finished) & this Eco Tan tinted sunscreen I bought recently that has fast become a hated product for me. I know I've said before that if I don't like a product, I chuck it, but I wasted money on it & I'm determined to finish it one way or another.

  4. Awesome project but geez so much cursing it really was distracting.

  5. Love your blog! I recently started my own where I am posting updates on my project pan! I would love it if checked it out!