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Makeup & Beauty Inventory 2015 Part 2

28 January 2015
Ready for part two of my makeup & beauty product inventory? I'm not..

I don't have a whole lot of loose shadows, I prefer palettes because I find them easier to store but I do get sucked in easily by pretty colours. I've included pigments, creams and samples in this and I also consider what is in my Zpalette and MAC palette to be single shadows as they are easily interchangeable, the thing that looks like a pen sitting on the palettes is a dual ended shadow and eyeliner so that is included in both sections. I passed on 6 singles before this photo was taken so my original total and my current total are slightly off.
Total: 58 (2 in Memeboxes)

I consider myself to be quite tame when it comes to palettes, I would like to either de-pot or use up my 2-6 pan minis but the Lime Crime, MAC and Lancome are seriously stunning as they are so I would keep them looking pretty. Eye shadows, when maintained well and carefully will last for a long time so I'm not in a hurry to use anything up here.
Total: 10 large & 12 2-6 pan minis

My current MAC Eye Brows is missing from this photo, the one pictured is a back up.
Total: 5

The last time I used a lip liner was for a wedding job, I rarely use them on myself so I have to wonder how this collection turned out like this, I've basically got multiples of the same colour family which I think is stupid so I'd like to tackle this some time this year.
Total: 11

Here we have glitters, something I use about once a year but to be honest I'd actually like to see this collection grow because it's something I would like to play with more in my makeup.
Total: 8 (1 in Memebox)

Fucking lip gloss. Fucking lip products in general. I hate most Western lip products (but love most Korean lip products). This includes tints and stains and to be honest, up until I started my most recent project pan, I only used one regularly, I wonder if you an spot the flat Clarins Eclat Minute ;)
Most of these were emptied out of my kit and you know what? I can probably count the amount of times I used a coloured lip gloss on a client on the fingers of one hand. I find it better to use a lipstick and a dab of clear gloss so I don't know why this got so out of hand. Before taking this photo I went through them all and threw out what was smelling funny or had a consistency change.
Total: 40 (5 in Memeboxes)

Here we have lipsticks or 'almost' lipsticks, I use more of these regularly but again, it's only a select few. After taking this photo I threw out all the ones that didn't smell right and was reminded that I have some stunning colours in this collection. I'd really like to tackle the lipsticks in the last photo, many of these have been cut down to go in a custom palette so there isn't a lot left in many of the lipsticks and I think they could be finished off if I put in the effort.
Total: 146

Ok, nail polish time. It doesn't look like a lot but when I counted them up I was surprised. I'm currently working on trying them all out (properly) and doing a declutter, update in a couple of months I think.
Total: 155

Now for the other beauty products, I'm not actually looking to do any decluttering or 'power using' here, I already go through this stuff quite quickly but I really did want to know where my problem areas were so I could try to avoid adding to them throughout the year, often when GWP or sale events happen I struggle to know what purchases would be 'smart' because I can never remember how much of a certain type of product I have so this is more to help me help myself when it comes to not making my issues worse this year.

Sun, Hands & Feet: 35 products in this category (2 in Memeboxes), the empty spot you see is where my handbag sunscreen lives when I don't need it. I have too many hand creams (12) so I'd definitely like to make a dent in them this year.

Lips, Eyes & Teeth: I love this draw, there are actually 107 items in here believe it or not but almost half are single use. I have a lot of eye creams and lip balms in here, I love me some eye cream and I do think I have too many (16) so I can't buy any of them and I also have to stay the fuck away from lip balm (15).

These are my face drawers, the top one contains moisturisers, toners, serums, etc and the bottom one contains cleansers, scrubs and masks. There are a total of 300 products in this category. Three Fucking Hundred (59 in Memeboxes). I am not allowed to buy face wash, face scrub, makeup remover, moisturiser (I have sixty-fucking-two), serum, toner, spot treatments, pore strips, sheet masks (69) or traditional masks. I essentially need to stay AWAY from anything skin care. Many of these are single use items and it's my goal to work on them very soon but I really need to resist the urge to buy skin care, this is my black hole of beauty.

Hair: 76 items in here, the shampoo and conditioner has to go (many are minis though, thank GOD!!), I'd like to just have a few styling products, my Kerastase faves and my colouring products in this drawer.

Body - I have a total of 75 products in this category (11 in Memeboxes) and I need to stay away from body moisturisers and body wash (but I can go mad with body scrubs ha!)

My first goal will be doing some damage on the sample size and single use products and really targeting problem areas, I'm planning on doing bi-monthly beauty baskets to work products in to rotation, I feel like a lot gets lost beneath other products so hopefully this will keep me digging in the drawers regularly.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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6 comments on "Makeup & Beauty Inventory 2015 Part 2"
  1. Look at all that skincare! Wow. I didn't even bother posting on my skincare, I only really have necessities, and backups. Body and hand creams are products I rarely buy, I only have them because they've been part of a pack, or prize. I use a LOT of coconut oil to take the place of a lot of products.
    For someone who isn't a fan of lip products, you have quite the stash, lol :)

    1. Ahhh it's all a bit out of control! My body and hand creams are mostly GWP or come in beauty bags but I hardly use them so the collection has exploded. I feel like the numbers are very jacked up due to samples and single use items but even if I didn't include them it would still be way too much so I guess it makes no difference really.

      The lip products are a big issue for me, I have to buy them for my freelancing kit so I end up with heaps of lipsticks but there is no excuse for the glosses, I think a lot of the liners have come as GWP because they aren't something that I really buy, I purchased a red, nude, pink and burgundy for my kit because that was all I needed but the others a mystery (except the Stage Colour one, I do remember buying that) and I do have a hell of a lot of Avon Minis which were another kit item but I want to streamline all that, it's just way too much for someone who doesn't use those types of products all that often.

      I like your idea of having one product that replaces many, I would like to just have my holy grail of each category and maybe a back up of the ones I go through quickly and just toss in a few new items to try here and there but with the way I become obsessed with certain things that might be difficult to achieve haha

  2. Oh my gosh, all that skincare! And all those nail polishes! I feel like a lightweight only owning 40 polishes (technically 43, but I want to give 3 of them to a good home)...I think nail polish is a bit of a black hole for me, my stash has grown a fair bit in the last 18 months & I know it's an area I need to keep a leash on because it could get out of control.

    Must say you've done a great job with your inventory. :o)

    1. I went to a blogger event yesterday and the goody bag has seriously added to my problem, of course I could have opted not to bring it home but sheesh, it was too tempting!!

      My nail polish collection is a bit silly, hence why I'm trying to clean it out, I'd like to organise some better storage so I an see what I have better and try to only have what is necessary, it's difficult though because I love nail art and sometimes the 5 shades of blue I have aren't the 'right' shades for the look I'm going for, this is how my collection got out of hand in the first place!!

    2. I don't blame you...what person of sound mind doesn't take home a goody bag?

      A fair portion of my nail polish stash revolves around blue - I have....*runs to bedroom to count*...9 blue polishes. Yep, I sure don't have a problem haha....they're all different shades of blue though & 2 of them are different finishes, so that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it!

    3. Hahahaha! Isn't it so easy to make excuses for our beauty stash!