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Makeup & Beauty Inventory 2015 Part 1

27 January 2015
This post gives me a headache. Counting products gives me a headache. Organising my shit gives me a headache.

You know what doesn't give me a headache? Buying beauty products. That's what got me in to this mess in the first place. Moral of the story; headaches aren't always a bad thing.

Two years ago I discovered PinkSoFoxy on YouTube, she posted a lot of travel vlogs, DIY, etc, etc, but the videos that made me sub to her were the makeup inventory and decluttering videos. I never had the balls to do my own makeup inventory because I already knew I had a problem but I was able to hide it well with clever storage and my freelancing kit.

When 2015 rolled around I was going through one of my drawers looking for a particular product and I found an old lipgloss, I was pretty sure I'd purchased it in 1997 beause I destinctly remeber it being a favourite item of mine during my first year of high school, this was the moment that I realised I really had to do a full inventory of all my makeup and beauty items and clear out my old stuff.

It took me 2 days to count up all my stuff, it shouldn't have taken that long but every time I opened a new drawer or spotted a box hidden under something (out of sight, out of mind) I would stress out and get a headahe, so I took it slow. I had no intention of posting about my inventory or declutter but in my reent Makeup Project Pan post Indie from IndieAna: In Search Of The Holy Grail (who is also doing inventory posts) suggested that I do.. It made sense, I love inventory posts and videos, I follow a multitude of bloggers and vloggers who do them so I'm going to add my 2 ents to the pile.

Few things before I get started:

This is my current stack of Memeboxes, there are 17 in total and I have cut the amount of boxes by more than half by consolidating multiple boxes in to one, this was a big job, I listed what is in each box on top and I seriously won't force myself to do anything with their contents, other than take items out to use, until mid year at the earliest. So you aren't getting photos of my full collection, I'm sorry, but I just can't face it all again!

I have included makeup from my freelancing kit in this post because technically it's my makeup and as some of it nears it's expiration date I have to decide if I'm going to try to use it up myself or pass it on. Also if I'm going to face my problem I'm going to face all of it.

You're going to see numbers relating to how many products I own, I have included samples as 1 whole item, this is mostly to help encourage me to use them, the more of something that I have the more I want to focus on using some of them up. Also the total is the full amount that I own and includes everything from my current products, backups, freelancing kit and what is stored in Memeboxes.

Ok, lets start with makeup

Above are all my foundations, BB's & CC's, actually I should say "all my foundations that I can be bothered pulling out", I have a bunch more in those Memeboxes you saw earlier but since I have already spend half a day organising those boxes I'm just not willing to pull them all out for a pretty photo op..

Total: 51 (9 in Memeboxes)

Face primers; I rarely use the fucking things! Also the Nars is actually an eye primer, I was trying to rush through this while I still had daylight.

Total: 15 (2 in Memeboxes)

Face Powders, I use them regularly enough but some get more attention than others. Found a sneaky one in my kit that didn't make the photo as well.

Total: 12 (3 in Memeboxes)

Concealers, many of these are good, some are crap, some are old. Exuse me while I go toss those colour correctors at the bottom out right now.

Total: 15 (2 in Memeboxes)

Blush, I really don't have enough blush. It's currently my obsession product.

Total: 21 (3 in Memeboxes)

Highlights, I'm not a huge fan of highlights.. The two small pans on the left are going in the bin too I think.

Total: 7 (1 in Memebox)

Bronzers and contours are under control, I only use Hoola, the Ben Nye stick is for hard core contouring and I'm working on the Momma one to get rid of it, I also have 2 in my La Belle Carousel Palette which I forgot to add to the picture.

Total: 6

Mascara, I have a generous amount of mascara, many aren't open though.

Total: 21 (6 in Memeboxes)

My normal routine consists of 2 different eyeliners; a black pencil and a black gel, When I'm lazy I use none.

Total: 35 (6 in Memeboxes)

Eye primer, look, control!! The Nars sample missed this photo op.

Total: 4

Lashes, not really an issue, even if the pile was ten times the size I wouldn't really care, they don't go bad and I use and toss them regularly.

Total: 15 (1 in Memeboxes)

That's enough for now, part two will be up tomorrow!

Which product could you never have enough of?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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2 comments on "Makeup & Beauty Inventory 2015 Part 1"
  1. Look at all those meme box anonymous for you young lady! And 51 foundations!! Wowsers. Ok, now back to that question you asked. If I was given the cruel option of only ever buying the one makeup product from now on, it would undoubtedly be eye shadow. Tho, I would cry when I ran out of mascara.
    I really love how you did this inventory, including the number of products in each category, I might actually do that later in the year :)

    1. I haven't ordered a single Memebox this month and I'm very aware that I need to avoid ordering them like a psycho like I did last year, I just have way too much!

      The foundations will be a problem, many of them aren't even in my shade and require some major mixing for me to be able to use them but I think I just have to accept that many will have to be given away so they don't go to waste since I'm not doing a lot of freelancing at the moment.

      The numbers have been helpful so far, I've had a few moments where I wanted to buy something and I took a look at my little (big) list and decided that it would be a bad idea to buy more. The Priceline 40% off skincare, sun, and tanning is coming up though and I'm really wanting to purchase some items that have been on my want list but I need to stay away! I keep trying to remind myself that Salon Melbourne is coming up and I'll be going silly there so I just need to breathe and try to shop my stash!