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Battle Of The Clinical Deodorants | AKA The Sweaty Girls Guide To Clinical Deodorants.

6 January 2015
Before clinical deodorants were a thing I was a sweaty girl. I would sweat regardless of it being hot or cold, I would sweat when I was anxious or relaxed. Wearing a long sleeved top or t-shirt that didn't look like it was made for my boyfriend/brother/male friend was unthinkable for me. For a while there I did consider Botox shots in my armpits.

Botox shots in my fucking armpits.
You know shit is real when you are seriously considering torture.

The first clinical deodorant I ever used was Rexona and for years I stuck with it because it was actually a miracle for me, the only time I would notice that I was sweating while using it was during times of high anxiety but it was nothing compared to what I use to deal with.

I have social anxiety and back in the day when I was going to any sort of social event I would often find myself in the bathroom, locked in a cubicle, with toilet paper rolled up under my arms while I tried to talk myself around to braving the crowd again, the social anxiety was bad enough, the shaking that came with it was worse and to top it all off I was a sweaty girl.

I was lucky in one way, I had a best friend who suffered with the same anxiety issues and the sweating symptom, we would often say hello to everyone, order drinks and then sit in a cubicle together for 10 minutes while trying to calm each other down and laughing over how stupid it all was but also feeling comforted in the fact that we had each other. The future held different paths for us and we went our separate ways, I did the same with sweat.

Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant (Summer Strength)

Don't quote me on this but I think Rexona was the founding father of these types of off the shelf clinical deodorants, it's the first brand I remember seeing on the shelves that offered a product like this at least.

The packaging consists of two tubes, inner and outer, the inner holds the cream deodorant while the outer tube makes it look like it contains heaps of product, it has a twist up applicator that pushes the cream deodorant through a honeycomb-like cap and you then rub it on your pits.

All Clinical deodorants are recommended to be used at night before bed, if you choose to use them during the day they will leave white marks on your clothing, I'm not going to repeat this for the other short reviews because it applies to all of them.

This performs so well, I can apply it and know that I will not sweat through a t-shirt or pretty dress. This is by far, the best clinical deodorant I have used, and I should know, I've tried a lot and I'm a sweaty girl.

There are two areas where this product has room for improvement, the scent, which isn't actually bad it's just not my favourite, and the applicator. When the product is pushed up through the top plastic section it slowly gets pushed between the inner and outer tube, it's annoying to say the least because this stuff isn't exactly the cheapest deodorant on the market and I hate to waste it. I've included a picture showing what happens but it's from my Dove tube, it hasn't happened to my Rexona yet because it's brand new but it has been a consistent issue over the years that I have been using it.

Also, heads up on the Rexona Summer Strength (pictured) it has weird little crystals in it which I believe help with controlling the sweat (and it controls like a boss) but they are fucking annoying to say the least, especially when you get a big chunky one in your armpit.

Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (Fresh Touch)

After using Rexona for years I figured I'd give another brand a go, like I said before I always thought the Rexona ones were lacking in pretty feminine scents so when I opened this one I was so damn excited because it actually smells good, it's a nice crisp, fresh floral that you can actually smell on you and goes well with the types of perfumes that I like to wear, the strong scent could be a downside for some, I'll let you be the judge of that, for me it was the bees knees.

Dove has the same packaging as Rexona, the inner tube that holds the cream deodorant and then an outer shell so product manages to get pushed between the two sections yet again. Seriously, this is such a big packaging flaw for me and I can't believe they haven't fixed the issue or redesigned the packaging.

Dove would have been the winner here based on the scent alone but then I discovered that it's not as effective as the Rexona, it's still good and I'd highly recommend it to the slightly sweaty girls out there, but if you are like me and you organise outfits and your life around your sweating issues then you are likely to feel like this isn't quite good enough.

Mitchum Clinical (This idiot bought the male version)

I can't talk about the scent on this one because I'm super bright and bought the men's Clean Control version. Although it does smell very manly and quite nice, I would welcome any man in my life to use this.

The packaging on this one is much better, there is no stupid inner tube, just the outer casing and the deodorant on the inside, no product is wasted. But..
There is always a but right? The twist up dispenser is nothing short of an asshole. If you have anything on your hands (moisturiser for example) you won't be able to use the twist function, it's so stiff and difficult to turn, even when your hands are free of any residue.
I'm actually tempted to buy a female version to see if they just made the male one difficult because they have those things called muscles.

Packaging win and fail aside the formula again is just ok, it's certainly no Rexona but is definitely on par with Dove.

Nivea Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stress Protect Clinical Strength

I had high hopes for this product because it says 'stress protect' right there on the box.

The scent of this is classic Nivea, if you have ever used a Nivea face cream you will know what I'm talking about, it's like a scent synergy that they have going on with their products.

The packaging on this one is again a little different, it has the typical twist up mechanism but there is no covering over the deodorant stick inside, like mentioned with the Rexona, there is usually a honeycomb-esque cover that the cream deodorant is pushed through but this one is lacking that completely, the cream is instead quite solid and starts to melt when it has come in contact with warm skin. I don't mind it so much but I do find there is a bit of pulling and tugging on the skin involved before it melts enough to glide over the skin.

Performance wise it's ok, same as the dove and Mitchum but if you could win an Olympic medal for your sweating abilities I wouldn't recommend it.

Conclusion: Dove wins with the scent hands down but that's not really the point is it. If sweating is a major issue for you then Rexona is the one to buy, I can't even say the difference is marginal and give the other brands a break, fact is that Rexona kills it and the others are expensive fails in comparison.

Oh and if you're wondering, no this isn't a sponsored post, I bought all of these deodorants with my own money and I've still come back to Rexona every single time. Seriously, sweaty sisters, go buy the Rexona.

Are you a sweaty girl like me?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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3 comments on "Battle Of The Clinical Deodorants | AKA The Sweaty Girls Guide To Clinical Deodorants."
  1. I can totally relate, hun. I would rather just deal with the nerves, I hate the sweat patches I get just talking to someone I don't really know. The best thing I've found to work for me is a product called Odaban. It just gets sprayed on at night, and after a couple of consecutive nights, I can get away with not wearing deodorant for almost a week. No sweating at all, no matter how nervous, or hot I am! I find it's a matter of remembering to apply at night. It's foreign to me, and I often forget. Great review :)

  2. I love clinical deodorants, not because I'm particularly sweaty but I just hate the 'wetness' of regular roll ons.
    I've tried the Mitchum and the Rexona and much prefer the Mitchum (agree with you about the dial being a pain sometimes though!)
    I like the sound of the cucumber scented Dove one so I might seek that one out next.
    Thanks for the comprehensive comparison! :)

  3. I wouldn't say I'm an overly sweaty girl, but I can totally relate to having social anxiety because I too suffer from it. *joins the club* I tend to go bright red in the face if I'm having an attack instead of getting the sweats though.

    I've been wondering about all these clinical protection deodorants for a while & considering giving one a whirl, but haven't known which one to try. The Dove one sounds nice on scent along, so might give that a go....any one of them except Nivea. I take issue with their sexist ad for that product (basically it bashes men), so on principle alone I wouldn't purchase.