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Empty! January 2015

31 January 2015
My empties posts are always a bit of a shock to the system for me, whenever the time comes to write up these posts it never ceases to amaze me that a whole month has past since I wrote my last one. Where did you go January??

Unboxing - LookFantastic Beauty Box December 2014

30 January 2015
This post is crazy late, I though I published it over a week ago but I think I've been asleep at the wheel.

Since Memebox is slowing down with their box releases and I'm not over receiving surprise boxes of goodies in the post I've started to branch out and think it's time to try out some different beauty sub boxes. Last month (or it may have been late November, I can't remember) I ordered the Look Fantastic December Beauty Box and it took forever to arrive but that was to be expected with shipping from the UK during the crazy Christmas rush.

Makeup & Beauty Inventory 2015 Part 2

28 January 2015
Ready for part two of my makeup & beauty product inventory? I'm not..

Makeup & Beauty Inventory 2015 Part 1

27 January 2015
This post gives me a headache. Counting products gives me a headache. Organising my shit gives me a headache.

You know what doesn't give me a headache? Buying beauty products. That's what got me in to this mess in the first place. Moral of the story; headaches aren't always a bad thing.

Memebox - Global #18

26 January 2015
This post is so stupidly late it's rediculous, all of my January posts are going to be late though, and Feb's might be that way too. I'm time struggling.

I'm comin' atchya with the latest Memebox Global box.

What Is This Shit? Crap Products December 2014.

24 January 2015
This is late, yes I know, it was supposed to go up late in December but I'm having some Derp Brain issues and blogging is hard for me right now. I'm working on it.

You guys know I'm not afraid to write a rant review if I think something is shit but quite often I don't feel like there is enough to say about a product for it's own post, so every quarter you can expect a Crap Products post, giving a quick rundown of the stuff that I think was a waste of space (and money, oh how I weep for the money).

All Natural - Organic Mask Sheet in Broccoli & Houttuynia Cordata.

23 January 2015
I have this weird thing going on with sheet masks, I really like to own them, touch them, organise them and look at them but when I have to use them I almost feel a little sad, it's kinda like the first time I use a new eye shadow palette, there is an internal battle going on.

Subscription Box - Okashi Connection January 2015

20 January 2015
Something a little bit different on the blog today, actually a few things are going to be a bit different..

Project Pan 2015 - Yes, Again.

18 January 2015
Yes, you read that right, another Project Pan from me.

Memebox - Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You*

12 January 2015
No too long ago Memebox released two boxes for Thanksgiving, 'For Me' & 'For You', the idea was you would have a box for yourself and one to give to a friend. I didn't order either box because I couldn't afford them at the time but just a few days before New Years Eve the DHL man arrived at my door with a pretty pink mailer and inside was the Thanksgiving For You Box. I was so excited.

Battle Of The Clinical Deodorants | AKA The Sweaty Girls Guide To Clinical Deodorants.

6 January 2015
Before clinical deodorants were a thing I was a sweaty girl. I would sweat regardless of it being hot or cold, I would sweat when I was anxious or relaxed. Wearing a long sleeved top or t-shirt that didn't look like it was made for my boyfriend/brother/male friend was unthinkable for me. For a while there I did consider Botox shots in my armpits.

Botox shots in my fucking armpits.
You know shit is real when you are seriously considering torture.