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Memebox - Superbox #70 Thumbs Up! Bloggers' Picks

4 December 2014
When Thumbs Up! Bloggers' Picks came up for sale on the Memebox website I knew I would want the box. Memebox had done a survey with Bloggers about which of the products in previous boxes had been their favourites and then they tossed in a spoiler for a product that was similar to something else I had tried recently but did nothing for my skin but I was curious if other brands did that type of product better, so of course I jumped on this one. I didn't participate in the survey because I didn't folllow Memebox on Facebook at the time.

If you would like to know more about Memebox you can check out my info page.

Weeks later my box arrives with another box I purchased in the bundle and to be perfectly honest I was pretty annoyed. This month you will see a few unboxings that I'm really unimpressed with.

#1 N.S.M ReBorn Tint 5g Full Size RRP $18
Randomly selected from Sorbet Tint, C.C Sorbet Melting Tint, Exciting Snow Cooling Tint.
Featured in Makeup Edition & Cooling Care.
Received Exciting Snow Cooling Tint
These tints use a bio-film to protect and maintain moisture in your lips, they are also supposed to melt in to your lips on contact and provide a soothing and cooling effect without being too glossy or sticky.

I tried this out and I both like it and don't like it, I found it a little difficult to apply cleanly, there was lots of smoothing of edges that needed to be done before I was happy with the finish. It is definitely cooling and the effect lasts for longer than I expected! It dries completely matte and din't make my lips look shit but it has that tacky finish (similar to Velourlips). I applied lip gloss over the top because there was no way I was going to wear it when it felt that way. It looked great with the gloss and I wore it all day while doing manual work in a warehouse, obviously it wore off over time but my lips never felt dry and when I got in the car 6 and a half hours later my lips still had a slight tint. I initially didn't like this a whole lot and would never wear it on it's own but paired with a gloss or balm it's awesome.

#2 LadyKin Aqua Exfoliator For Body 150ml Full Size RRP $14
Featured in OMG
This is a liquid exfoliator that you spray on and rub in until it forms little balls, the balls aren't skin it's just a chemical reaction between a product called carbomer and your body oils. I don't believe this was really a bloggers pick, there are tonnes of products in Memeboxes that are head and shoulders above this. I won't be using this since I already have a bottle and don't even care for that one.

#3 Croquis Dual Concealer 8.1g Full Size RRP $27
Featured in Girls Night Out
This is supposed to be an anti-wrinkle concealer and spot concealer in one, it's only the second concealer I have received in a Memebox and it looks very similar to the first which I wasn't impressed with but I'll likely give this a try, sometimes the products that you don't expect to be great are the ones that really surprise you.

#4 Hair+ Velvet Nutri-Injection 12ml Full Size RRP $5
Featured in Jackpot Box
This is a leave in hair treatment for damaged hair and I hear it's quite good, I have one from my Jackpot Box which I'm yet to try but I'll never say no to hair treatments for damaged hair, I'm quite happy to have another one of these. These boxes were shipped out on the 2nd of September, twelve days before the survey was due and with snail mail shipping I suspect many didn't receive this until just a few days before it ended or even after, I have a hard time believing that this was a bloggers pick.

#5 Evas Cosmetics Vitamin Cleansing Dessert 130g Full Size RRP $18
Randomly selected from Berry Mix, Lemon, Red Wine, Coconut & Cacao
Featured in My Cute Wishlist #2
Received Lemon
This is a facial cleanser that removes makeup and has 'micro bubbles' which are meant to extract blackheads, whiteheads and acne causing bacteria, I'm not too sure about that last bit but it smells nice and has a weird whipped texture. This product was featured in a box that shipped out 2 days before the survey deadline was due so there is no way that I'm going to believe this was a bloggers pick. Memebox is just lucky that it's a bit weird and I like weird.

#6 23 Years Old Air-Laynic Pore Mask Full Size RRP $14
Featured in Luckybox #7
This is super weird, basically it's a face mask in a syringe which you squeeze on to one of the included sheet masks and apply over your nose and cheek area, I remember seeing this in an early box and knowing that I had to get in on the Memebox fun so I'm excited to have this. The info card warns that it can cause a little stinging and I've heard some people's skin couldn't handle it so I'll be quite careful with this when I try it out.

#7 Purebess Galactomyces 100% 50ml Full Size RRP $15
Featured in Whole Grain
This was the spoiler for the box and was definitely a bloggers pick, this was the product that gave bloggers the confidence to buy and promote the box because they though it would be full of amazing products. This product is along the lines of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, it is 100% galactomyces. I wasn't a fan of the SK-II FTE but I am keen to try another brand to see how they compare so I'm happy to have this.

#8 Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream 55g Full Size RRP $34
Featured in Pinkaholic
The Pinkaholic box shipped out on the 23rd of September so it most definitely wasn't on Memebuyers radar and couldn't have been a bloggers pick. This gel contains little pink capsules that pop when applied to the skin and is supposed to help with fine lines, tightening skin and hydration. I would have been so pissed about this product if it wasn't a fast absorbing gel moisturiser that will be perfect for our hot weather

Cost of box: $32 USD + $6.99 Shipping
Memevalue: $145 USD
What I paid: $17.99 USD after points and coupons

So you can probably imagine that bloggers who were involved in the survey and who promoted the box were super pissed at the contents, most of these were not actually picked by the bloggers and instead were selected by Memebox, the box also had a high price point and the contents are a little bit shitty really.
For me I'm ok with the box, I'll use a lot of the stuff but there was a fair bit of eye rolling when I opened this for the first time, I was glad that I used a bunch of points to pay for this because I definitely don't think it was worth the full price. I think I'll avoid 'best of' type boxes for a while until I can see that Memebox is sticking to their end of the bargain.

You can check out the Memebox website here (not an affiliate link).

Would you have been happy with this box?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. I have the Evas Cosmetics Vitamin Cleansing Dessert in Lemon also...I love citrus and my dear friend knowing this decided to send me this product. I havent tried it yet as im still using my evaglo cleanser but once thats finished i will give it a try.