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Blogmas - WTF Wednesday Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam

10 December 2014
The Etude House Ice Shot range has been on my radar for quite a while and I figured it was time to stop wondering about products and just dive right in and try them for myself, I opted for the Cool Band Freeze Foam first because this shit is just weird and I simply had to own it.

Essentially what this stuff is, is a cooling foam in a can, you shake the can up, spray it on your skin and weird and magical things happen.

The 80ml can comes with a fine tip spray nozzle, the directions say to spray it 20cm away from the skin (and never directly on the face) but I have really bad aim so 20cms away from my arm resulted in spraying this stuff half way across my room.

When you spray it on your skin it kind of looks like silly string and you have to move the can back and forth to get a nice uniform band of foam, then you just tap the foam so that it bonds together, the cooling effects are immediate but it's not until you tap the foam hat you realise just how cold it can get, this stuff isn't messing around, it's cold!!

Once the band has been tapped and set you can peel it off and place it wherever you want, after a little while it flattens and loses it's cooling ability but the skin it was sitting on stays cool for quite a while, it's actually pretty impressive.

Ready to be placed wherever you want!
What it looks like when it stops producing a cooling effect
I'm not too sure what makes this work but it's fun and super weird, I can see it being good in summer when you want to cool down points of the body that will help with overall body temp like the bottom of the feet, neck and inner wrists.

This stuff has major novelty value but is also practical for super hot days, the foam and sound effects it makes (popping, hissing and crackling) reminds me of the messy things I loved to play with as a kid but the cooling effect, easy application and clean removal make it big kid friendly and I'm pretty sure there is some sort of skin essence in there because it releases moisture and smells awfully familiar to an Etude House moisturiser sample that I tried many moons ago.

If you're in to trying new things with a bit of novelty value and weird things don't turn you off then I would definitely recommend giving this a go.

I purchased my can from Sasa for $16.30AUD.

What do you think? Too weird or just weird enough?

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5 comments on "Blogmas - WTF Wednesday Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam"
  1. This stuff would be awesome for sunburn!

    1. It so would Rose!! I believe the essence in it would be quite soothing on the skin too.

  2. Such weird, but also quite useful. The novelty factor is strong with this one! Agree with Rose, it'd be really handy for sunburn or even if your face gets flushed easily you could use it.

    1. I've been placing strips of it on my wrists when I'm feeling really hot and bothered, it actually helps!